Small apartment: a play area in all rooms

Small apartment: a play area in all rooms

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It is not because we live in a small apartment that children are deprived of a playground! By focusing on practical storage and on equipment that is as fun as it is mobile, it takes over any room in the house. The proof in pictures.

The living room

Ikéa By installing legos and kaplas there for an hour or two, the coffee table in the living room proves that it is not just for aperitifs for adults, because it also plays games for children…

The dining room

Ikéa Apart from meals, nothing prevents the dining table from welcoming the children's creative and artistic breaks! This is a 2 in 1 function that suits him really well.


Ikéa Next to mom and dad's desk, a small bench and a few extra toys allows children to have fun while the older kids work and sort their papers.

The living room

Ikea For an afternoon, we let the children take over the lounge area. With a little imagination, it's easy to transform the carpet into an ocean and the sofa into a boat… Be careful, however, of the damage!

Parents' room

Ikea In the parents' room, the children only have to open the dressing room to disguise themselves as a captain or a princess! A very discreet "play" corner, but funnily practical.

The hallway

Ikea A small apartment but a large hallway? Never mind, we maximize the space by accommodating an ephemeral play shack based on sheets and chairs ... Enough to delight little wolves for an afternoon.

The bathroom

Ikéa If the bathroom is not a play area in itself, it is enough to install playful accessories there to make bath time, a real moment of recreation!

The relaxation corner

Ikéa Under a bench dedicated to rest, we hide a few storage boxes filled with stuffed animals, puzzles and other games to improvise a playground in a jiffy!

The stay

Ikea This is a coffee table to which toddlers can say thank you! Thanks to its integrated storage pots, you can slide in felt pens and colored pencils, and presto, this is the living room equipped with a small drawing corner.


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