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Personalize your furniture with stickers

Personalize your furniture with stickers

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Tired of having the furniture everyone has at home? After the flea markets, vintage and recycling, we put on stickers to personalize our interior. Colors and shapes enliven the space and the furniture to give a personal touch to all our furniture. Easy to install, we choose where and how we place them.

Tapestry stickers

Ikeaddict Stickers that line a piece of furniture but not stickers that tapestry! These do not go unnoticed and will surprise your guests. To place at the bottom of the library or the dresser to create an original atmosphere.

Talkative stickers

Valérie's house We get into comics, even on the fridge and the rest of the household appliances. They tell us stories and untie languages. Cooking will no longer be a chore.

Choice of stickers

Like a color On Likeacolor, you choose your furniture and color, and in a few clicks, you're done. If the furniture you want to cover is not in the list of dozens of products offered, you can also choose the tailor-made formula. And that's how to add a touch of color with a few euros.

Travel stickers

My ideal home To install everywhere in the apartment, we remember the family vacation, alone or as a couple, on the beach in Normandy, Italy or Brazil. The holidays are already on your furniture, the hot sand too!

Stickers for the kitchen

Masking tape Have you just redone your kitchen, but are you already tired of it? Do you want to change your appliance, which nevertheless works very well? No more worries, we stick stickers everywhere and we redo a real personal decoration.

Stickers that enliven space

New images We choose original stickers but not only. We also make sure to place them in strategic places where their humorous potential will be multiplied, like here where the characters of Keith Haring seem to play trampoline on the steps.

Trompe-l'oeil stickers

Cupboard and us We trap the smallest and the biggest, hand in the cupboard trying to grab some sweets. Good game ! These are fakes. Instead we offer fruit or a healthier dessert than sweets.

Plain stickers

Like a color We install on one or more doors of his closet, or drawer of his dresser, a plain sticker to choose from dozens of colors. So here we are with Ikéa furniture, yes but not like everyone else.

Animal stickers

Stickerzlab For animal fans, aspiring veterinarians or those who would like to be closer to nature, here are stickers to stick on surfaces that lack originality.