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A family home style decor in the bedroom

A family home style decor in the bedroom

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The family house style is both friendly and elegant. It is a subtle mixture of family furniture and vacation memories because it is often on this occasion that we find ourselves in the family home. Here are some inspirations to create a family home style in a bedroom.

A decor that smells of vacation

AM.PM For a family house style, we opt for a simple decoration with a few objects that recall the region. In this house in the South, we chose to highlight the wood, paint the walls white to let in the light and place a small olive tree for a Provencal touch.

A touch of Provence

Maisons du Monde To recreate the atmosphere of country houses and Provencal farmhouses of yesteryear in your room, you decorate the room with natural materials and southern colors that will warm up the space. On the walls, the trend will go towards pastel colors: ocher, tiller green or salmon. You can dare more intense colors on the floor, the woodwork or the furniture.

A fairly classic style

AM.PM The family houses have a fairly classic style because they must appeal to all generations who meet there. Furniture often belongs to past generations and perpetuates a certain tradition.

Memories on the wall

Yves Delorme To retrace the history of the family, we do not hesitate to decorate the walls with multiple vacation photos and family portraits. In this way, the walls tell a story and become part of the family after having witnessed all the family adventures.

A touch of old world charm

Maisons du Monde With the family house style, you can afford a touch of old-world charm. For this, we opt for colors like aged gray. You can also skate the furniture to give an authentic spirit.

A room worthy of the most beautiful Hausmanian residences

Hamam In this room, the noble materials, the spacious dimensions of the window, the high ceilings inspired by old Hausmanian mansions, the master painting and the soft and soothing tones of the decorative accessories form an ideal recipe for a beautiful house-style bedroom. family.

Country spirit

Scandinavian cocktail The family house style is warm and comfortable. Checkered fabrics and wooden furniture are all decorative objects that evoke in small touches the atmosphere of family homes of yesteryear.

Between modernity and classicism

Roche Bobois In a room with family houses, cohabitation between the old and the modern is essential. A common thread: the constant search for simplicity and elegance which underlines a desire to get to the point. The bright and warm color palette and the chic and classic furniture give the room an authentic, very reassuring style.

Furniture of good dimensions

Roche Bobois To meet the large volumes of family houses of yesteryear, it is essential to bet on furniture with imposing dimensions: wardrobe, bed or craft furniture brought up to date.

Between contemporary style and vintage objects

Kave Home Similarly, the family house style exists through old materials: old fireplace or wrought iron bed welcoming embroidered linen and piles of cushions.

Cozy atmosphere

Maisons du Monde For the rest, we focus on comfort. The decoration, made up of many vintage objects from another time, must be friendly and cozy. A soft bed, covered with a cotton or linen sheet, with enveloping shapes will be perfect.

A country-style bedroom

Castorama Designed to receive family and friends throughout the year, the family house style room elegantly combines country spirit and modernity. He seduces with his sober universe, close to nature. The materials are natural, authentic and without artifice to favor well-being and comfort.

The sweetness of the romantic family room

Comptoir de Famille Sweetness of life, natural colors, embroidery and lace… this decoration also focuses on authenticity for a cocooning interior. On the furniture side, we favor furniture with curved shapes that will give an authentic side to the space.

Family house style in all subtlety

Castorama Finally, to give your bedroom the air of a family home, you don't have to bet on a total look. It is quite possible to find one or two pieces of furniture or accessories, like this beautiful Haussmann style headboard and this King Size bed!