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Unusual: two universes for one bedroom

Unusual: two universes for one bedroom

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Designer Pavel Vetrov led an artistic project whose concept was to confront minimalist design with street art. He therefore chose to divide a hotel room in two, with one side white, clean and very tidy, and the other side entirely covered with graffiti. Discover the breathtaking images of this beautiful project.

An amazing perspective

Pavel Vetrov The street art part of this room seems totally destructured. Although there are only a few decorative elements, the graffiti is enough to load the room and immerse it in an almost chaotic universe. This impression is reinforced by the contrast with the other part of the room where everything is perfectly organized. It is as if the artist wanted to define good and evil through the decoration of this room.

Graffiti of all styles

Pavel Vetrov The Ukrainian artist used different styles of graffiti to dress one of the sides of the room. The result is a crazy and totally eclectic fresco.

Contrast in every detail

Pavel Vetrov To fully play the contrast card, Pavel Vetrov thought of all the details. Thus, the books delicately placed on the minimalist side are completely white, while those located on the other side are well colored. Even the cactus located right between the two universes adopts an immaculate look on one side, and rediscovers its colors in the street art universe.

A well thought out decoration

Pavel Vetrov The decoration of this room has been particularly well thought out, with reminders from one universe to another, and symmetry in its furnishings, while respecting the style of each universe. For example, there is an armchair on each side, comfortable and colorful for the street art world, white and design for the minimalist side.

A daring concept

Pavel Vetrov To realize this concept of hotel room, the designer was actually inspired by a similar project created by the Toulouse-based Tilt: the Panic Room. So the idea is not innovative, but the result is absolutely magical. It remains to be seen whether it will ever be possible to sleep in such a room for one night!