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What to do with a Mason Jar? The 16 best ideas

What to do with a Mason Jar? The 16 best ideas

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The Mason Jar is the best known of the American jars. Created in 1858, this transparent container with a vintage look never ceases to inspire designers. And even if we say that it is in the old jars that we make the best jams, from now on we can also add that we make the best vases, the best lamps or the best smoothie glasses.

Idea number 2: an office organizer

Mason Jar Crafts Love Together, the Mason Jars can put everything away. Source

Idea number 3: a soap dispenser

Simply Kierste The Mason Jar will easily find its place in the bathroom. Source

Idea number 4: a Christmas decoration

The Tortoise and the Hare A fir tree in the Mason Jar and the Christmas spirit is already there! Source

Idea number 5: a pot of aromatic herbs

Etsy - Elizabeth Kate Decor The Mason Jar also knows how to take care of plants. Source

Idea number 6: a lunch box

Salt and Pepper With the Mason Jar, your co-workers will know what you eat (and envy you). Source

Idea number 7: a sewing "box"

Stolen Moments In sewing, the Mason Jar does not lose the thread. Source

Idea number 8: a lamp

In.gredients A bright idea for using the Mason Jar. Source

Idea number 9: A well-named jar

Mason Jar Crafts Love The Mason Jar embellishes any kitchen. Source

Idea number 10: A stash of Easter eggs

Casa de Colorir No more hiding your eggs with Mason Jars! Source

Idea number 11: a candy reserve

Three Little Monkeys Studio Transport of animals with the Mason Jar. Source

Idea number 12: a gourd

My Sweet Boutique Change the lid and discover a new utility. Source

Idea number 13: a cocktail glass

My Sweet Boutique Change the cover (twice) and discover a new utility (twice). Source

Idea number 14: a vase

It All Started With Paint Some flowers for a Spring Mason Jar. Source

Idea number 15: a wire unwinder

A Casarella A Mason Jar that Ariane likes a lot. Source

Idea number 16: a spice jar

Poofy Cheeks And finally, the Mason Jar also stores spices very well. Source