Bold colors for a warm living room

Bold colors for a warm living room

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Today, the living room indulges all fantasies but above all your decorative desires. If you like color, there are a thousand and one ways to bring it into your living room, provided you don't abuse it. Blue, yellow, green or orange, here are 10 atmospheres that will help you choose yours.

Bright and pastel colors

3 Suisses Our favorite for this show which combines pastel tones and bright colors. To give a little harmony to the whole, we slide a few neutral colors like white and gray. Successful look!

A purple sofa

Spoiler In this room, no need to use color here and there. The purple sofa that sits in the middle of the living room is responsible for setting the tone. Some fancy cushions are not too much.

An explosive green

Dulux Valentine Green is making a comeback in the house, and in order not to do things halfway in the living room, we choose it in a very bright shade. With a sofa with patterns in the same tones, no need for decoration on the walls!

Coral red on the wall

Dulux Valentine This season the coral color is causing a sensation, so we do not hesitate to dare in the living room. We choose it in a rather red and luminous shade and we apply it on a single section of wall so as not to weigh down the decoration.

Bright blue

Maisons du Monde In the bright colors family, I ask for blue! In this oriental atmosphere, it brings out white and gray metal furniture in a riad style. We love !

Touches of pep

AM PM Bold colors, yes, but in small touches too! Here, it is not the gray sofa that leads the dance but the small orange and yellow coffee tables and vases.

Yellow brightens the wall

Dulux Valentine This season's flagship color, bright yellow invites itself to the wall in the living room. Accompanied by a canary yellow bench seat and Scandinavian style furniture, it makes the room very bright. Be careful not to dare on a single pan of pure at the risk of touching the overdose.

Colorful leather

Maisons du Monde The industrial style has accustomed us to sober colors and raw materials. However, with red and green leather sofas, it is totally in trend.

Pink fabric for the sofa

Ikéa Daring a pink sofa in the living room is not necessarily the first idea that comes to mind. And yet, in the middle of white cocoon-like furniture, it is very decorative.