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10 decorative atmospheres for baby's room

10 decorative atmospheres for baby's room

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Classic and timeless rooms, fun and colorful, soft and poetic, whimsical or design, in terms of decoration, baby rooms are not lacking in inspiration. Furniture, mural and stickers, storage or decorative accessories, presents its selection of decorative atmospheres.

Marine universe

Sauthon A light sea breeze is blowing on this current room! In this space the marine theme is expressed by small distilled touches and creates an atmosphere conducive to travel and discovery.

Chic and timeless decoration

Dulux Valentine Chic and refined atmosphere for this charming room. The sobriety and simplicity of the decor combined with shades of gray and white, very much in vogue at the moment, invite you to rest and soothe.

Tangy universe

Decinuses Playful and graphic "La Ferme" stickers will immerse your toddler in a joyful universe around the theme of the countryside and farm animals.

Fairy universe

My child's room The furniture with curved lines and the decorative accessories of this room immerse us in a magical decor that leaves room for the imagination.

Trendy decoration

Leroy Merlin Ultra-trendy, we are betting here on the combination of vitamin and sober colors at the same time. The mixture of modern furniture curves is the most beautiful effect.

Boudoir ambiance

Dulux valentine Intimacy and softness are essential in this boudoir-inspired room. Powdery and pastel colors, charming furniture for a poetic style.

Stylish decor

Moulin Roty This evolutionary and innovative room adapts to baby's needs and will accompany your child from birth and for a long time. Ideal for small rooms!

Contemporary atmosphere

My child's bedroom Minimalist and zen, the space is clean and free of superfluous trinkets for a serene atmosphere. The predominance of gray reinforces the contemporary atmosphere.


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