10 original flower pots for the garden

10 original flower pots for the garden

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The flowerpot we all know is constantly evolving. Today, we find original models in terms of materials as well as forms and design to afford an unusual garden. We invite you to discover 10 pots like no other to install without further delay in your garden.

An original shaped garden pot

Castorama If we used to see tall and rather cylindrical flower pots, the shapes evolve and offer very original looks like this generous pot. Very low, it sports very round lines and fits more in width than height. It will be ideal for accommodating several plants.

A jar like bins

Who is Paul? Here the flower pots look like storage bins in multiple sizes. To give a very sculptural effect, we group together several pots of different sizes, one of which is quite high and we choose a model in a bright color for slicing.

A recovered pot

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions So that your flowerpot is very original, you can bet on an unusual container by recovering for example a paint truck in which we will plant what we want. Use the handle to hang your plant. This type of pot will be ideal in an industrial atmosphere.

A shiny pot

Goicoechea The ocher color of terracotta is no longer the only star in the garden! Today, the pots are adorned with enamel in order to display a more contemporary look that will find its place on all terraces. These pots thus offer a very shiny finish which brings elegance to the garden.

A square pot

Goicoechea To change traditional cylindrical pots, you can opt for a new geometric shape that will give a graphic side to your garden. To border a staircase of flower pots, bet for example on very structuring square pots.

A textured jar

Goicoechea The smooth and matt aspect of terracotta is no longer unanimous and we now find original pots that offer an effect of stunning material. Thus, this nice size pot seems surrounded by a rope in a very trendy shiny finish.

A natural flower pot

Arterre This original flowerpot acts as a membrane around the soil it contains. It takes the form of a bulb and offers your plant a natural material: pévétech from the clean falls of the automotive industry.

A jar in a bag

Bacsac What if we put nature in a bag? This is what Bacsac and its planters offer in 100% recyclable geotextile fabrics. If you like the recovered spirit, this new planting method is made for you. In addition to being very decorative, this pot is practical because much lighter.

A barbecue pot

Black + Blum Pots are not what they used to be and now offer a dual function in the garden. This flowerpot is indeed a barbecue concealed in the lower part which will be closed once used with the planted part of the pot. Ingenious and very discreet!