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20 floors combining tiles and wood

20 floors combining tiles and wood

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On the ground, the current trend is to combine materials! Cement tiles, marble or tomettes, Hungarian point parquet or broken sticks ... the floors are dressed this season with tiles and wood to vary genres with originality. Discover our 20 winning associations to create the atmosphere in your home!

Mark spaces

Lukasz Kozyra In the past, for practical and hygienic reasons, it was fashionable to put tiles in the kitchen. Now that the kitchens are more and more open, it is sometimes difficult to find the limit between the different living areas. By opting for a mixture of tiles and parquet, we delimit each of the spaces and give a very effective function to each of the zones. Source: Amenagement Design

Expand the space

Nicety By focusing on patterned tiles, visually very strong, and combining them with aged parquet, the owners have managed to create an interesting optical illusion. As a result, the corridor seems much longer than it actually is! Source: Decor8blog

Reheat a space

Elmueble A few well-chosen elements are enough to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in an immaculate kitchen. Tiles that recall the floors of old houses, green plants, a few wood tones, and voila! A great way to transform space into a cozy place to live. Source: Nicety


41Zero42 Some tiles are so surprising, original and textured that they could easily be considered real works of art. This is the case with this multicolored model, which echoes the Hungarian point parquet wonderfully. Source: Decor8blog

Optical illusion

Enbac There is no shortage of ideas to better structure and delimit the space. This black list graphic stands out against the rest of the beige kitchen floor. Source: Helen Cathcart

Graphic rugs

Paul Allain Love at first sight for these carpets made with tiling which stylishly isolate the bathtub and sink area from the rest of the bathroom fitted with parquet floors. A nice way to delimit spaces without going through the partition box! Source: The Women's Journal

Slat effect

Céline Parcinski To bring character and volume to a monochrome room, the trick found was to install the tiles as if they were parquet slats. A subtle and contemporary mix that is not without displeasing us! Source: April and May

Underline an element

Sodeco Patterned tiles are back in fashion. So do not hesitate to bet on graphic or vintage-style cement tiles to emphasize the charm of a key element of your room. Here, the light wooden parquet which runs on the floor contrasts with the fireplace corner thus highlighting this area. Source: Sodeco


Jonas Adolfsen The tomette breaks free from its traditional and classic style. To sublimate the spaces it dresses, it now matches a parquet floor that regains its shape and color. Simple and efficient ! Source: Dwell


Zx Yogu360 There is no shortage of ideas to bring a touch of originality to a room or to define a space. As evidenced by this pretty listel made with cement tiles which comes to oppose the rest of the floor covered with parquet. Source: Discover the location of the decor


Castorama A destructured floor can also give personality and energize an impersonal space. This is evidenced by the floor of this kitchen, which is completely covered with natural-looking parquet and hexagonal tiles. To remember ! Source: Castorama

Floral patterns

Traditions in tile A nice lesson in style in this entry which benefits from a masterful staging. Immersed in a natural setting, the tiling with floral patterns energizes the a little too wise color of the wooden staircase. Source: Fireclay Tile

Material transition

Belle and Boo Want to bring a touch of originality to your parquet with broken sticks or herringbone? The idea: insert small two-tone tiles between two slats for a smooth transition! Source: Apartment Therapy

Style lesson!

Decocoration Forgotten tiles or parquet! Now to punctuate the space in an original and fun way we dare the parquet inlaid with tiles. A beautiful combination to dress the interior floor with character! Source: Decor8blog

Chevron pattern

Jeff Jones Snap It Photography Unlike some styles that require a total look, the Scandinavian style knows how to be fancy. The proof in pictures with this herringbone pattern tile that fits perfectly with the wall planks and parquet with a natural look. Result, a Nordic decor that has dog! Source: Houzz

Mixture of materials

Coralie Bonnet At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this original parquet customized with wool by the textile designer Coralie Bonnet. To highlight this beautiful mixture of materials, we do not hesitate to associate it with a waxed concrete imitation tile. Source: Beau Travail likes

Enhance the architecture of a room!

Wzaobao In this space, the tiled floor plays the stars. The slats, incorporated into the tiling, create a very interesting dynamic visual effect! A beautiful combination of materials that enhances the charm of the room! Source: Archdaily

Wood and marble, the winning match!

Xavier Lemoine Long relegated to oblivion, marble is making a strong comeback in our interiors. Associated with light wood, it gives, by its mere presence, an elegant touch to our floors. Do not hesitate to adopt it to bring a natural touch to your interior. Source: Honey and Fitz

Materialize the circulation

Interior footprint To materialize the direction of circulation in this corridor, Anna Grant, the architect in charge of the project imagined a carpet designed using multicolored tiles. The space thus created distorts the perspective and enlarges the space. A tip to remember! Source: A swallow in the drawers


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