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Magnetic decorative storage

Magnetic decorative storage

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When the magnetic trend gives a little boost to wall storage, it especially targets small accessories and small papers! All for a rendering as cute as smart. Freeze frame.

I love my office accessories

Ikéa ### Near the workspace, boxes of paper clips, rubber bands and thumbtacks naturally find their place on a vertical magnetic wall bar. The time wasted looking for these accessories as small as they are essential, it's over!

I love my knives

Leroy Merlin ### Above the kitchen worktop, a horizontal magnetic bar accommodates my entire collection of knives, from the smallest to the largest. A practical setting, worthy of a chef!

I love my cooking utensils

### After the knives, it is the turn of all kitchen utensils to switch to "magnetized" mode. Suspended by their sleeves, they create a pretty series of credenzas.

I love my mail

Ikéa ### In the entrance or above the office, magnetic plates or boards are welcome. With the help of magnets, priority is given to hanging received mail, postcards and pretty envelopes!

I like my good plans

Lapeyre ### Ideas for outings, business cards for good restaurants, clever recipes cut from the press: all these little papers will no longer be lost if you love them on the magnetic backsplash of the kitchen!

I love my vacation photos

Habitat ### On the kitchen fridge, magnets in the shape of mini frames allow us to display our prettiest photos. It's better than enclosing them in a box hidden under the bed!

I love children's drawings

Decorative House ### School works, coloring pages and children's drawings are entitled to their heyday on the magnetic wall of the house. We like this ephemeral trick that allows you to vary the decor at will.