10 styles of stairs for inspiration

10 styles of stairs for inspiration

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The stairs may well be a simple passage space, we want them in total agreement with the decor for a 100% harmonious rendering. It remains to draw the style that best suits us ...

Pop style

Fly ### The living room had started a pop decoration bias by surrounding itself with colorful cushions, tables and shelves. All that was missing was the final touch: completely repainting the staircase leading to the bedroom in a refreshing shade, like sky blue.

Contemporary style

Saint Maclou ### Minimalism and simplicity of lines for this gray wooden staircase with stainless steel risers and no ramp. Definitely contemporary.

Loft style

Saint Maclou ### Here, a long metal bar supports "gray cast iron" steps almost as thin as paper. One between two "industrial" and "graphics" which alone establishes a loft atmosphere.

Retro style

Castorama ### From the top of its solid wood steps and banister enhanced by wrought iron bars, this spiral staircase turns out to be the little retro chic touch of the house.

Scandinavian style

Lapeyre ### With its light wooden steps arranged to the right and then to the left, this staircase reveals a Scandinavian design, ideal in nature or contemporary style interiors. We also like the "pebble" shape of each of its steps. A homecoming in style!

Charming style

Saint Maclou ### Patinated with a special white wood paint, these revamped old staircases have kept a small authentic aspect which makes all their charm.

Design style

Lapeyre ### Between a black color, clean lines and voluptuous curves, this spiral staircase is in line with the design style, just to meet the desires of aesthetics and elegance.

Seventies style

Saint Maclou ### Travel in the 70s! Surrounded by disco wallpaper and covered with multicolored carpet, this staircase gives us a lesson in audacity for a rendering as wacky as whimsical.

Industrial style

Saint Maclou ### Seeming to come straight out of an abandoned factory, this vast black metal staircase affirms the industrial inspiration of the house.