10 ideas to decorate walls

10 ideas to decorate walls

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In this Parisian house, the walls create the decor! Not a single section of the wall is left to chance and each one offers an original decor idea that is simple to implement. We invite you to take inspiration from this house to decorate your walls. 10 ideas to discover!

Original shelves

When the walls are both decorative and practical, they are adorned with original shelves that give a graphic look to the whole and allow you to store a few decorative objects. Here, we double the shelves to give the impression of a box fixed to the wall.

An original headboard

To bring out the wall of the headboard, we do not skimp on the decor! This wall is thus adorned with a blackboard painting that allows you to leave dreamy messages and a thread allows you to hang favorite photos. In short, a customizable wall!

An original frieze

To delimit the space between the plum-painted basement and the rest of the beige wall, we set aside the traditional friezes to materialize it in an original way. A wire suspended all along the wall is posed in a garland to be able to develop this new generation frieze. We can also see some stickers which use the demarcation of colors as a theater to tell stories.

A decorative base

To give life to the wall, this house uses very decorative basements. Here, the darker color settles in the lower part to give breadth to the wall and a third color comes to underline the underbody with the help of a horizontal strip.

Poetic stickers

To tell stories on the walls, nothing like stickers. In this child's room, a tree welcomes children who are swinging to bring a playful and poetic touch to the room.

Walls that disappear

In the living room, a section of wall disappears completely behind the cupboards. Both useful and decorative, this wall accommodates numerous shelves which modify the volumes of the room by offering depth.

Stencil letters

If you want to express yourself on the walls, think of the stencils that will allow you to write messages on the walls. Think of the words around the home universe to accentuate the home sweet home effect.

A wall of inspiration

In the office, you don't need a notebook to put away photos and items you want to keep! Use the wall as an inspiration board by fixing your favorites on the office wall.

A magnetic wall

To make your walls very playful, you can also use magnetic paint which will allow you to magnetize small objects. Unearth magnetic letters and numbers to create your messages on walls and doors. Continue the visit by looking at our decorative photos!