What type of shutters to choose?

What type of shutters to choose?

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They protect the interior from daylight, isolate it from heat or cold and protect it from outside looks as well as from intrusions. There are many reasons to install shutters on your windows. Type of shutter, material, technical specifications ... here are some questions to ask yourself before you get started.

Fir wood shutters

Lapeyre ### Particularly robust, the fir guarantees good resistance to shocks and bad weather. A good point for the exterior shutters!

Sliding shutters

Lapeyre ### Distinguishing themselves by their super modern style, the sliding shutters are the latest generation shutters! Goodbye to the "flap" side, place the horizontal space saving module.

Roller shutters

Lapeyre ### The technological option, there it is. We press a button, and the roller shutters lower or disappear in no time without having to put our noses out.

Aluminum shutters

Lapeyre ### The advantage of aluminum shutters? Their ease of maintenance! A simple cleaning with water and voila!

Exotic wood shutters

Lapeyre ### We choose exotic wood shutters for their aesthetic appearance, both contemporary and warm.

Tilt-and-turn shutters

Lapeyre ### To protect yourself from the sun or outside eyes while ventilating the interior, the perfect shutters are tilt-and-turn!

PVC shutters

Lapeyre ### The PVC shutters have the distinction of offering optimal thermal insulation. Energy savings in the key in winter, preservation of freshness in summer…

Louvered shutters

Lapeyre ### Equipped with security bars and a lock, the shutters have the advantage of strengthening the security of the house.