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10 beautiful windows for your home

10 beautiful windows for your home

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In the harmony of the house, the windows play an important role because they are an integral part of the decoration of the walls. Also, to choose your windows well, we suggest you discover 10 models that are as aesthetic as practical that could well settle in your home.

Windows for a classic style

Lapeyre Conversely, if your interior has a certain cachet with elegant moldings and Hungarian point parquet, your windows will also have to have a certain character. You will then choose fairly simple windows but in a beautiful wood which gives pride of place to materials.

Windows that match your needs

Lapeyre When choosing your windows, also consider establishing your needs in terms of size and function. For a kitchen, for example, you may need to have windows above your worktop and think about choosing an opening designed to suit your cooking needs.

Windows that meet the decor

Lapeyre Note that your windows can perfectly integrate into your interior decoration. We choose for this windows in a style close to that of the furniture and we opt for a color that is also found in the decor. Here the color of the windows makes it possible to highlight the opening.

Design windows

Lapeyre If you want your windows to adopt a sleek look that matches your designer interior, choose models that will highlight the opening of the windows like these very designer black windows.

Colorful windows

Lapeyre Your windows can also become the real decorative asset of your home by choosing models that stand out from the crowd like these windows which have a bright color but also original shapes with a triangle opening.

Windows integrated into the decor

Point P For windows in your kitchen, consider incorporating them into the very design of your kitchen so that they perfectly match your furniture. Here, the window seems to be an integral part of the kitchen furniture for a very harmonious whole.

Windows as a decorative asset

Point P In this interior, the windows play a crucial role since they participate in the decoration of the room by integrating a new shade of color into an already very colorful decoration. They therefore offer real added value.

Windows that disappear

Point P Finally, if you want your windows to disappear in order to give pride of place to the view that the opening offers you, bet on a large bay window in one pan so that it disappears outright.

Contrasting windows

Leroy Merlin To enhance your windows, you can also play with color contrast by opting for black windows that are installed on a white wall. The effect is very decorative and original!