10 DIY with rope

10 DIY with rope

Carpets, baskets, curtains, hanging lights, there are a thousand and one ways to use the rope to make decorative items. The editorial team offers you its 10 favorites to make yourself. Ready? Let's go !

Ethnic baskets

Lisa To make these pretty ethnic baskets totally in tune with the times, you will need 6 meters of cotton rope, embroidery thread, a pair of scissors and a large darning needle. Then follow the steps explained in pictures by Lisa one by one. Source: We are scout

A seaside mirror

Crazy Wonderful Fancy a good breath of sea air in your interior? It's simple ! Add a big cord to the old round mirror that has been in your hallway for a long time, and it is reinvigorated! Source: Crazy Wonderful

A cat basket

Hello Natural To store your jewelry, your keys and not your baby cats, get started in making these cute baskets. You will need a sewing machine for this ... Remember to borrow that of mom (or granny) if you don't have one yet! Source: Hello Natural

An original suspension

Amanda Kingloff To give this pretty nomadic rope light its perfect shape, you will need a large glass and a balloon. Yes, yes, a balloon! Follow the tutorial, and everything will be fine, we promise. Source: Etsy blog

A cloud carpet

Martha Stewart This cloud-shaped corded rug will require a lot of concentration as the knots are complex. Source: Martha Stewart

A corded first name

Love of Family and Home Ideal as a headboard or to fix on the door of the children's room, this wooden panel with a first name made of rope will ask you for patience and thoroughness. Source: Love of Family and Home

A bohemian rug

Sara Plath If the cloud-shaped carpet is too wise for you, perhaps you will fall in love with it, also made of rope, but with colors and work very different from the first. Source: Sara Plath

A shelf with rope

Burkatron Rather than simply fixing it to the wall with brackets, add on both sides of your shelf long pieces of rope. Hanging on the wall, your white wooden board will cause a sensation. Source: Burkatron

Rope vases

Style Me Pretty To find out how to make your favorite vase in white rope, go to the tutorial found on the Style Me Pretty blog. Super elegant, he will love spending the summer on the dining room table or on a buffet. Source: Style Me Pretty