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Architect's advice: transform a room into a gym

Architect's advice: transform a room into a gym

Very trendy, the gym is now gaining its place in our interiors, in response to a desire to stay in shape, to build muscle or to lose weight all year round on the part of the inhabitants of the house, who do not not want to go to an often expensive and overcrowded gym. The choice of equipment will then depend on the space available, the needs and the budget of the inhabitant, for getting back into shape at your own pace and adapted to your agenda. The two main advantages of the home gym are therefore freedom and tranquility, provided however a ventilation adapted to the volume of the room is provided. Indeed, a good VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation) is essential in a room intended for sports.

Plan n ° 2: fit out a gym in a basement

Angélique BLANC This 3.76 mx 2.94 m gym, reserved for motivated and assiduous athletes, has been installed in a basement and is ideal in terms of tranquility as it is isolated from the house. It benefits from a great luminosity and a very good ventilation thanks to the door of the garage, the window and the VMC. The volume allows heavy and bulky devices, the sports equipment installed is very complete and brings together the three areas popular with athletes: cardio training, weight training and stretching. With the added bonus, a real climbing wall! A large screen is placed in front of the treadmill so as not to see the passage of time during the effort, and the rower is installed in front of the window so that athletes can take advantage of the daylight. Finally, a washbasin unit will cool off and store towels and bottles of water.

Plan n ° 3: fit out a gym in an old cellar

Angélique BLANC This sports hall with a length of 4.36 m and a width of 2.22 m (not counting the entrance occupied by the staircase) is located in an old cellar enjoying a height under sufficient ceiling. Perfectly isolated from the house, this gym allows you to offer at home real moments of sport and relaxation at the same time, thanks to the spa, the treadmill and the indoor bike arranged in front of a fenestron, in order to do not feel a feeling of confinement. Pragmatically and not to clutter the room with unnecessary devices, these are the steps of the stairs that will be used for step exercises. A small chest of drawers is installed near the spa to store towels, small products and appliances. Finally, the extraction of the CMV is hidden behind the front door. It will prevent perspiration odors and will expel moisture.

Plan n ° 4: fit out a gym in an existing office

Angélique BLANC Here, an existing office has been reduced by part of its surface in order to create a very bright sports hall of 3.05 mx 2.88 m, special small area and low budget. The office room and the sports hall are separated by an acoustic partition, supplemented by storage space (for skipping rope, dumbbells, etc.) reinforcing the insulation and thus creating a real phonic bubble. Sports training will be done away from any hustle and bustle in the house. The equipment is chosen to be versatile for optimal space saving: the elliptical trainer will make it possible to work all the muscles of the body in one device. In front of him, a screen is fixed to the wall for those who also want to optimize their time and watch their favorite series during physical exercises. In front of the bay window, which allows large ventilation and provides excellent light, the yoga and meditation mat naturally finds its place, open to the outside.