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When sofa rhymes with privacy

When sofa rhymes with privacy

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The living room is now open to the dining room and the kitchen but you can still benefit from a little privacy when you sit on the sofa thanks to models which offer you a little cocoon. We have selected for you 10 sofas where you can sit alone or in pairs.

A sofa for two

Ikea To feel like in a cocoon, nothing like a small sofa where you can curl up to read a book or huddle together to watch a movie. To accentuate the cocooning effect, bet on soft cushions.

Crossed chaise lounges

Ikea How about two chaise lounges as a sofa? To create an intimate space to spend hours chatting for two, you can for example choose to place the meridians in front to have your friend face to face.

Warm materials

Alinéa To give a feeling of intimacy to your living room and more particularly to your sofa, do not hesitate to play with materials. A leather sofa will bring a lot of warmth, for example. Bet on a small sofa to accentuate this effect.

A minimalist sofa

La Redoute This very small sofa will allow you to be as close as possible to your interlocutor and the furniture will almost disappear from your sight when you are installed. Inspired by garden furniture, this sofa evokes long conversations shared in the sun.

A warm sofa

Maisons du monde Both small and large enough to be very comfortable, this sofa can accommodate two people in very soft comfort provided by the many cushions that make up the seat.

A compact sofa

La Redoute To give you a bubble feeling, bet on a sofa with compact lines that evoke a more intimate piece of furniture than a huge, slender sofa. Here, the cushions suggest a cozy comfort and the armrests clearly delimit the relaxation area to make the most of it.

A sofa like a big armchair

La Redoute This sofa with original lines looks like an armchair that could have been stretched so that it could accommodate more people. The result is very successful and offers a sofa with warm lines thanks to its back and its very high armrests.

A round sofa

La Redoute Note that the sofa does not necessarily have an elongated shape. On the contrary, to give you a feeling of intimacy and offer an original shape in your living room, the sofa can be round! You snuggle up between the cushions for a moment of relaxation.

A sofa for everyone

Maisons du monde If you are a large family, you can opt for two sofas so that each has a little privacy. Prefer structures that move easily so that you can join the two sofas for more convivial moments.