Inspirational notebook for birthday snacks

Inspirational notebook for birthday snacks

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More awaited than Christmas, the birthday tea of ​​our little wolves deserves a decor as delicious as it is festive. Lack of ideas? Here are tables under the influence of the "birthday" effect to inspire you.

A snack like a picnic

Ikéa ### Here, it's on the coffee table that it happens! Below are all the gifts, above the confectionery, multicolored straws and iced tea. We also like glasses with slate labels on which were written the name of each guest in chalk. Organized and fun!

Humor at the table!

Luminarc ### Forming the head of a monkey or a panda, the placemats assembled with the plates form a completely wacky duo, ideal for entertaining the little ones.

Paradise of delicacies

Geneviève Lethu ### Mignardises en folie! This is the theme of this birthday snack, set up by a series of plates adorned with nuns, cupcakes, éclairs and macaroons. Sweet treats also present life-size, parading cheerfully on pretty cake stands. If that is not a dream of a princess… greedy!

Long live the pretty trays, boxes and cookie cutters!

Ikea ### The secret to giving incredible value to all your cakes, muffins, four quarters, shortbread and strawberry with whipped cream ...? Pretty supports! We choose a high tray, cookie cutters of all shapes to scatter here and there like decorative accessories and boxes of all colors to make a sensation at the table…

So girly staging

Geneviève Lethu ### Put under glass bells, barbies and macaroons plant a hyper girly decor at snack time which should surprise and sparkle the eyes of the guests…

For the little ones

Geneviève Lethu ### For our little men who are tall like three apples, we create an adorable table decoration. On the menu: chamallow of all colors slipped into a large glass jar and plates revealing drawings and poetic messages.

My beautiful cake

Ikéa ### He is the king of the table during birthday snacks: the cake! If it is beautiful and voluminous, it is enough on its own to set the scene and impress the guests ... We do not hesitate to sublimate it with the help of colored nuggets, flaked almonds or icing sugar!