10 ways to use cork in the kitchen

10 ways to use cork in the kitchen

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New star of our kitchens, cork is essential in all forms. In a bi-material teapot, under a contemporary dish, in homemade splashback, discover without further delay 10 ways to use it without fault in taste!

A cork fruit bowl

Decoclico Used more and more often to create decorative accessories with designer lines, cork takes the form of a fruit bowl here. We let ourselves be seduced by its soft touch and its color which brings a natural touch to the kitchen.

Corks on the jars

Ikea At the Swedish giant Ikea too, cooking gives pride of place to cork! The proof is with these blown glass bottles and jars topped with a small stopper in this new star material.

A cork credenza

George's Kitchens DIY workshop in the kitchen with this splashback made entirely with corks. The plus: with pushpins, you can fix your recipes in progress, your shopping lists and even leave little sweet words.

Cork storage for cutting boards

Royal VKB Kitchen storage tip: a support for storing all your cutting plants. This practical notched support for fitting them in and storing them all in the same place has been imagined in cork to be in perfect harmony with the kitchen.

A cork teapot

ENOStudio Imagined by ENOstudio, the Nomu teapot offers a modern and practical design thanks to its composition in two parts: one in ceramic, the second in cork. The latter keeps the tea warm and allows you to serve yourself without burning yourself. In addition, it becomes a real decorative object in the kitchen when you have finished your tea time.

A cork utensil holder

My so-called home Your drawers overflow, your work plan is cluttered, your credenza in tiling can not be pierced, so here is the ideal tip on which to bet to store your kitchen utensils. A cork board glued inside a cupboard on which you fix some hooks. Practical, right?

A mortar with cork

Malle W. Trousseau For spices or herbs, Malle W. Trousseau has imagined a mortar composed of two cast iron pieces with striated bottoms, all enhanced with a small cork stopper to close the storage container. Very useful, it is also a beautiful object to leave on stage on the kitchen worktop.

Cork furniture

Ikea In collaboration with British stylist Ilse Crawford, Ikea has imagined designer furniture with durable materials like this high table and these stools made of cork. Perfect in the kitchen!

A cork bottle rack

Royal VKB This very elegant cork bottle rack gives you real space savings in the kitchen because it can be placed directly on the worktop. Ideal for 3 to 6 bottles, it allows you to have on hand those you will soon need to prepare your beef bourguignon or to serve at the table.