MT Casa: the Masking Tape decorative version

MT Casa: the Masking Tape decorative version

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The solution comes in one roll: the Masking Tape of course. The Masking Tape, the only one, is made by the Japanese company Kamoi Kakoshi. In washi paper, it sticks everywhere, as easily as a classic adhesive tape except that the Masking Tape leaves no trace. Take a look at the MT Casa collection to change the decor in two stages, three movements, without damaging anything and without having your diploma as a skilled handyman. 150 models, 3 different widths - 5, 10 or 20 cm - and so many possibilities.

In the kitchen

Masking Tape We draw our MT Casa 5 cm and we mix the colors: pink bands to make large household appliances more beautiful, bands in a shades of green on a wall…

Masking Tape on glass

Masking Tape Another range of Masking Tapes to keep in mind: the MT Shade. The MT Shade is made of washi paper and textile fibers and allows a filtering of 99% of UV rays. Result: a softened brightness and the end of this annoying vis-à-vis with your neighbors.

It's party !

Masking Tape Is it party time? We take out our MT Seal: with it, we create an easy garland - a wire to the length you want then we glue circles on both sides -, we decorate its stools and even its tablecloth - that's the magic Masking tape, the glue is designed to stick to almost any type of material.

Better than tapestry, the Masking Tape

Masking Tape Are you tired of these white walls but do not have the courage to embark on major works? Think MT Casa: we mix MT Casa and MT Seal for stripes full of good humor.

Closet doors and Masking Tape

Masking Tape A heathered piece of furniture to revamp? Too white furniture that you can no longer see in paint? We cover the doors of our furniture with Masking Tape: polychrome version on one side or peas on the other, your choice!

Customized wall and chair

Masking Tape Let's match wall and chair! We customize a section of wall by installing vertical strips of MT Casa - varying the widths for more fantasy. Then, we customize our chair: also vertical stripes but with different colors so that our chair detaches well from the wall.

Classy switch

Masking Tape Simple and effective idea: cover your switches with Masking Tape!

And there was light

Masking Tape A slightly sad lamp? A blow of Masking Tape on the lampshade, a few rounds of MT Seal on the foot and voila! Even more ingenious: the Masking Tape suspension. To do this, we will have to create a solid structure in the form of leaves and then fill the void with Masking Tape.


Masking Tape Better than the Batmobile! The proof that the Masking Tape sticks on almost everything, here is the custom car. Easy to spot in parking lots!