10 kitchen decoration trends for the start of the 2015 school year

10 kitchen decoration trends for the start of the 2015 school year

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What if back-to-school was the opportunity to add something new to your kitchen? But beware, not just any! Above all, respect the 2015 trends. To avoid the misstep, the editorial staff invites you to discover the 10 decorative ideas to adopt.

A graphic floor

Castorama Do not be afraid of graphic associations on the ground, and especially in the kitchen where this decorative idea is one of the trends for the start of the school year. Here, light wooden floors and immaculate white hexagonal tiles coexist in perfect harmony.


Kvik Timeless and never has been, gray finds its nobility in the kitchen. On the wall, on the furniture, it offers a sometimes urban decor associated with touches of yellow, sometimes a bistro married with notes of red. All you have to do is choose your ambiance…

Colorful cement tiles on the wall

Castorama New shape for the cement tiles which invite themselves in a rectangular version on your kitchen splashbacks. The idea? Play with patterns, colors to brighten up the room in the blink of an eye!

The cork

Decoclico Not at all tacky cork! The proof with these placemats, fruit basket and spice jars that have adopted this material. New cooking star in 2015? We bet yes!

The combination of clear and white lacquered wood

Schmidt The Scandinavian atmosphere is more than ever in our interiors this fall 2015. In the kitchen, it translates into a combination of blond and white lacquered wood furniture. We love the sweetness that reigns there!

The staging of spices

Ikea Jars are not the only ones exposed in the kitchen. At the end of 2015, spices are also in the game. In small boxes, placed on a shelf or arranged on a magnetic board, labeled ... the result throws!

Pastel colors

Ikea Shy yellow, almond green, sky blue or powder pink, pastel colors bring calm and softness to any interior. So why not dare them in the kitchen? We are literally in love.

Copper appliances

Bodum Place copper in the kitchen, but in a household appliance version! At Bodum, we let ourselves be seduced by the coffee makers which we leave in plain view as an element of the decor.

Graphic button

Leroy Merlin Make way for geometric patterns in the kitchen! After taking over the living room, the entrance, the bedrooms and even the bathroom, this season they invite themselves into this living room. How? 'Or' What ? On the furniture in discreet version, on the splashback in colored version or on the walls in black & white version.