Boro Hotel, a designer boutique hotel in Queens

Boro Hotel, a designer boutique hotel in Queens

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Located in the heart of Dutch Kills, an emerging area of ​​Long Island City in Queens, Boro Hotel is the first boutique hotel in this changing neighborhood. We open the doors of this ultra-design establishment and a touch of industry imagined by the New York architecture agency Grzywinski + Pons. Discovery in pictures!


Floto + Warner Working, relaxing or meeting people becomes child's play at the Café, a space of minimalist inspiration in mineral tones which adjoins the hall and opens onto an outdoor garden furniture.

A refined universe where design and industrial style gently balance

Floto + Warner In the extension of the Café is the lobby. A space where passing visitors can have their breakfast in a graphic and authentic setting, in front of a gigantic gray table, like a country house.

A warm and welcoming space

Floto + Warner To reinforce the cozy atmosphere of the place, the architects have chosen to open the space to an area dedicated to relaxation in natural tones. It is enhanced by comfortable sofas with integrated shelves, perfect for feeling like at home.

In red and black

Floto + Warner Curious about the hotel? This original black bar table accompanied by its ultra-graphic high chairs. Mixed, they contrast elegantly with the sobriety of the decor and energize the room.

A space where life is good

Floto + Warner Decorated with gray and black graphic seats and an original and designer fireplace, the room is also an invitation to discover the conviviality of this place, carefully decorated ...

A cozy room with retro charm

Floto + Warner With king size beds, the hotel rooms are sure to appeal. Favoring retro-inspired furniture, soft and natural colors and sophisticated decoration, the architectural agency has imagined an authentic and cozy night setting.

An exceptional panorama

Floto + Warner Flooded with natural light through large picture windows, the rooms "Manhattan View Balcony" offer a breathtaking view of the emblematic New York city.

A sophisticated workspace

Floto + Warner Like this pretty wooden desk, custom-made furniture and unique light fixtures adorn each of the bedrooms, thus providing guests with a studious and comfortable working environment.

A graphic bathroom

Floto + Warner Italian shower or freestanding bath, the bathrooms of the establishment promise beautiful moments of relaxation. The decorative detail that makes all the difference? The wall splashback with retro cross patterns which significantly embellishes the room.


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