Tips for differentiating storage boxes

Tips for differentiating storage boxes

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Spring cleaning is now. We have small simple and effective tips that make our lives easier! Among them, we have retained the fact of customizing the storage boxes, so as not to get tangled in the brushes and find their way around more easily. Our mine of very simple ideas, but really practical.

By a slate stickers

La Redoute Go, we stick all our storage boxes with slate adhesive, and we write or draw what is inside. So, when we change content, we will only have to erase with the sponge, and rewrite with chalk!

By a fabric strip

Ikéa By tying a strip of fabric with separate patterns on each storage box, easy to distinguish electronic cables from office supplies.

By the reasons

Ikea The easiest way to distinguish storage boxes between them is to play on their patterns! Dotted, striped, plain, flowery… The more you use it, the better!

By their color

Goal From one color to another, we instinctively know that we are going from one storage to another. In the attic or in the cellar, we will know that one concerns the kitchen, the other the bedroom, and so on…

By the name of the owners

Ikéa Special large family! By entering the marker, the names of the owners of each box, the cellar, the entry, the laundry room or even the attic should be easier to search.

By letters or numbers

Ikéa The trend of "numbers and letters" is gaining rank. Normal, by indicating the first letter of what is stored (example: F for supplies) or by organizing the whole by numbers (from most to least important), it is easier to find!

By customization

La Redoute If we are interested in creative hobbies, the ideal is to cover a box containing storage space that we consider precious (childhood memories, mail, etc.), newspaper, stickers or decorative paper, to make it stand out from the rest!

By labeling

Ikéa Nothing could be simpler than a label to differentiate the storage boxes between them! "Photos", "sewing accessories", "floppy disks": we can see more clearly!