10 garages converted into living rooms

10 garages converted into living rooms

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If you don't have a workshop or a car to park, your garage can quickly turn into a storage room. Discover our selection of good ideas, found on Pinterest, to rearrange this additional space into a specific room.

An open garage

Better Homes & Gardens If you don't play sports and you don't have a car to park, leave your garage open and make the most of the sunny days! Form a nice garden furniture where to receive your guests. Decorate it with decorative objects, flowers and outdoor lighting. Source:

A loft dedicated to work

For Interior This old London garage has been transformed into a very bright loft thanks to white paint. It is also a way to have a large space to store books and build a library worthy of the name. A cozy little reading corner cut off from the world. Source:

A bad boy bachelor This residence, located in the heart of Amsterdam, was installed in an old garage, transformed into a little corner of paradise for lovers of two wheels! It was designed by the architect (and owner of the house) James van der Velden and combines an industrial and vintage style with a very modern layout. A subtle blend that will please sir! Source:

A guest bedroom outside your home

Studio Boot Receive your guests in a unique setting by transforming your garage into a living room, with an additional bedroom, like the one created by Studio Boot, located in the south of the Netherlands. A white tint on the walls and the door will naturally light up the room. For bed linen, furniture and rugs, opt for colorful models to brighten up. Source:

A clean office

Andrea McLean Design Studio Interior designer Andrea McLean has redesigned everything in this nine square meter disused Vancouver garage. This elegant and cozy office is ideal for working comfortably and receiving professional meetings, especially if you work at home. The decorative accessories are sober and very contemporary, which gives a crazy charm to the room. Source:

A home gym

Menter Architects If you have trouble getting to the gym after a day's work, bring it straight to your house! With a revisited garage, you will have no more excuses! And you can invest in fairly substantial devices. If your children have a favorite sport, they can also practice it safely. Source:

A garage as living room

Alex Amend To relax, create a winter lounge just for you in your garage. Place comfortable armchairs and a coffee table where you can have tea or a drink with friends. You can also take advantage of this additional space to store your gardening tools or enjoy a cocooning room. Source:

Create a real duplex

SHED Architecture and Design Optimize a large unused garage by developing it on two floors, like this 30 square meter garage renovated by SHED Architecture and Design. To optimize space, on the ground floor, you can install a sofa and a cocooning space, while the second floor will be a bedroom under the eaves. Source:

A games room garage

Homedit Why not arrange your garage to spend time with friends? For this, a table football, a TV and some good leather armchairs will be your allies to decorate your garage in the American style. Source: Homedit


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