10 beautiful parental suites to discover in pictures

10 beautiful parental suites to discover in pictures

To create a real cocoon dedicated to parents, the parental suite is essential! Because if children love having their spaces to play and invent stories in their bedroom or playroom, adults also dream of a corner where they can relax. The bedroom is then equipped with a bathroom, a dressing room or a lounge area so that the parents' privacy is preserved. To inspire you, discover 10 parental suites in pictures.

Two pieces in one

Ikea The trick to create different spaces and reproduce the parental suite spirit? Do not stick the bed to the wall and use it to create a separation between the dressing room and the bedroom area. You can also accentuate the effect using a curtain.

A partition as a wardrobe

Purpose To separate the dressing room from the bedroom, you can also choose to raise a small partition behind the headboard. It will be used to accommodate shelves and wardrobes to create a defined and concealed space for your clothes.

A hotel room spirit

Ikea Take inspiration from hotels and their way of recreating a small apartment within the room. You can integrate a small living room, a table for breakfast as well as a dressing table. The most decorative aspect of this suite? Place the bed in the center of the room with the possibility of completely isolating yourself with curtains that dramatize it.

A two-room master suite

Ikea Note that a master suite does not necessarily have all the elements in the same room. The most classic version is to integrate a small living room in the bedroom and install the bathroom in an adjoining room.

When the walls contain the rest of the room

Leroy Merlin In this parental suite, the bedroom remains the central part of the space thanks to a dressing area and a bathroom which disappear in the partitions thanks to sliding doors. What modulate the space according to his desires and the time of day.

A real bathroom with discretion

Mobalpa To ensure that your bedroom has the convenience of a bathroom without overly transforming the room, place it in a real room. It can also be connected to the rest of the house by the corridor. The trick is to place the bed so that the bathroom is at the back of the headboard so that it disappears and leaves room for a real bedroom.

A room separated in two

Mobalpa Here, the large bedroom area has been split in two by sliding doors to create a master suite with modular space as needed. On one side we take advantage of the intimate sleeping area, on the other of the bathroom and the walk-in closet.

A fully open space

Mobalpa Conversely, you can also choose to install the bathroom in the heart of the room by only delimiting the space by the color of the walls. The washbasin furniture thus becomes furniture for the full-fledged bedroom. Only the shower is installed apart for practical reasons.

A parental suite for the whole family

Ikea And why not integrate the bed of your young children in your parental suite? Everyone can benefit from a space to relax and the bathroom nearby for more relaxing family moments than in the living room. A parental suite for those who are considering family space.