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10 rugs to offer for spring

10 rugs to offer for spring

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When the sun finally shines, the urge to lighten the house is felt. So we take advantage of spring to change the thick and warm carpets in favor of lighter materials and more spring colors. You do not know which one to choose ? We let you discover 10 models from which you can draw!

A recycled vinyl rug

Limited Edition To change from the traditional winter shaggy, you can opt for a radically different material and buy this carpet made of recycled vinyl threads. The good news is that he can even follow you on the terrace.

An exotic blue carpet

Limited Edition In spring, you can easily dare the color to put a good mood in the decoration. We choose for example a carpet in a deep blue with patchwork patterns with exotic accents.

Grass-style carpet

Spirit And to bring nature into your home, why not bet on a carpet that will evoke a square of grass? We then choose a model in a deep green and the wicks will be neither too long nor too short.

A natural spirit carpet

Chilewich For a natural atmosphere without going through the grass style, you can also bet on a very fine carpet that plays with the natural colors between light green and beige. It will be easily installed in your decor.

A pool-style rug

Daytime If you want to refresh your interior, you can buy a carpet that will evoke the softness of the water in swimming pools with different shades of blue and patterns that recall the movement of the water.

A carpet with natural accents

Limited Edition This bold rug will not fail to evoke nature in your decoration. Its interesting texture and natural color can remind the sand while the green bands are like strips of greenery.

A sunny carpet

Limited Edition Good humor guaranteed with a carpet in the colors of the sun! Yellow invades the house and warms the room in the blink of an eye to give a new look to your living room. It will stand out all the more with black elements.

A geometric carpet

Stark Geometric patterns are trendy this season, so don't hesitate to buy a pile pile rug in this style. We prefer to choose a motif inspired by the ethnic style to evoke the journeys of sunny days.

A striped rug

Saint Maclou And to evoke the dynamism of spring, nothing like stripes. To accentuate this effect, do not hesitate to choose a striped rug in strong colors such as green, yellow and orange.