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Unusual and arty night at the Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam

Unusual and arty night at the Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam

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So aptly named, the Not Hotel is not a hotel like the others… Skilfully concealed in its huge hall with industrial accents, the rooms of the Not Hotel are just waiting to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the heart of a hotel that doesn't look like it!

An industrial spirit hall which contains some surprises…

Hotel Not Hotel It is in the large hall clad in red bricks with industrial accents, similar to a large living room, that the rooms with the unusual look of the Not Hotel are subtly hidden, imagined by a collective of the Design Academy Eindhoven, Collaboration-O . Let's try to discover them together.

Amsterdam Tram Cart: a room in an old tram

Hotel Not Hotel Immediate boarding! A tribute to the elegant Amsterdam trams, designed from 1875, the first room we discover has been fitted out in an old wagon, restored and redesigned to offer all modern comforts to its occupants. Enough to spend an exotic night without leaving your bed!

Free Zone Crises: a chapel room where you can recharge your batteries

Hotel Not Hotel Inside this "conflict-free zone", a perfect replica of a Transylvanian-style chapel, no room for negative waves! A true haven of peace where you can relax in these troubled times.

Fading Colors: a room-house painted in watercolor

Hotel Not Hotel With its slightly discolored and worn facade, this vast room, imagined in a small house, welcomes customers with taste in an artist's studio atmosphere.

Secret Bookcase: a hidden room behind the library

Hotel Not Hotel Behind the trompe-l'oeil of the large libraries in the hotel lobby are hidden a multitude of mysterious and cozy rooms. And to keep them secret, a clever set of two-way mirrors allows its occupants to enter and exit them discreetly…

Crow's Nest: an aerial nest room

Hotel Not Hotel Fancy getting high? Invest in the "raven's nest" of the Not Hotel. A sort of watchtower overlooking the room, this metal structure leads to an elevated space allowing you to enjoy an aerial breakfast.

Printed House: a bedroom-house where everything is printed

Hotel Not Hotel In addition to a trompe-l'oeil facade, it is the whole decoration of this room that creates the illusion: bedspread with a twisted print, like a big wool sweater, headboard dressed in a mixture of marble and stone patterns, wallpaper as in 3D…

Mrs and Mr De With: tribute rooms

Hotel Not Hotel Tribute to a couple of friendly people who marked the life of the neighborhood before the construction of the hotel, the rooms Mrs and Mr De With allow to honor them, with care.

Kevin Bacon: the quirky bar of the Not Hotel

Hotel Not Hotel Always in the spirit of fun and quirky to say the least, the designers of Not Hotel wanted to honor an actor who is dear to them: Kevin Bacon. Like him, the eponymous bar does the job without pretension, but always with style. This is how this friendly place offers a warm decoration tinged with industrial notes in a variation of navy blue and brown. Source: Hotel Not Hotel


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