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The most beautiful bamboo houses

The most beautiful bamboo houses

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If in recent years, bamboo has been all the rage in decoration and has created an exotic atmosphere in our homes, it is also widely acclaimed by architects because of its multifaceted qualities. Design villa, chalet spirit, small hut or floating house… it's very simple, it lends itself to all our desires. Discovery in pictures!

An orphanage like no other

Tyin tegnestue Architects With their wooden frameworks and their braided and assembled bamboo walls, these little cabins definitely have everything to please. Certainly very aesthetic, they were nevertheless created to help the development of underprivileged communities. A great initiative isn't it? Source: Inhabitat

Variable geometry

Steven Massart With its refined style, its distinct and hierarchical volumes, this building located in Belgium would make more than one French builder dream! The plus: its walls are covered with bamboo, an eco-friendly material. What more ! Source: Architravel

Green railings

Caoping8 The most of this charming house: its bamboo balustrades and the arches which accompany them which give new impetus to the house. Source: Caoping8

Plant inspiration

Ibuku Surprising ... this is the first word that comes to our mouths when we discover this incredible six-story bamboo villa designed like large leaves of trees superimposed. A good proof of creativity that we owe to the company specializing in the design of luxury bamboo houses, Ibuku. Source: Inhabitat

Bamboo roof

Namu In this warm bedroom, special attention was paid to the roof. Particularly worked, it energizes the room and gives it a character that suits him perfectly! Source: Namu

Unlikely openings

Benjamin Garcia Saxe If this pretty house on stilts was built with natural materials, it has been perfectly thought of. The proof with these original doors which certainly had to require meticulous work both for their design and for their installation. Source: Finds of the day

A floating house like no other

chwcd An interesting alternative to fight against the lack of space or in the face of floods and rising water levels, houses built on water are widely acclaimed today. And when in addition they dress in bamboo, then there we literally fall for it. An interesting idea when you want to be one with nature. Source: Archilovers

An outdoor living room

Seekayem Dressed mainly in bamboo, the main room of this villa including the kitchen and a living area. It is covered without being closed by windows. An aesthetic bias which allows its inhabitants to live in total osmosis with nature. Source: Seekayem

Bamboo walls

Dewebsign We dream of lounging in this yoga room dressed in strips of natural bamboo. A nice way to separate without partitioning! Source: Stepinit Design

An atypical facade

Bringing up the rare The originality of this small hanging house: the covering of its facade in the form of small squares which uses pieces of bamboo. Placed horizontally and vertically they energize and give volume to the habitat. Source: Bringing up the rare

Small chalet version in the mountains

VangViet Likewise, we like the idea of ​​laying pieces of bamboo horizontally on the front of the house. These ideally reinforce the mountain chalet aspect specific to the architect of this building. Source: VangViet

A comfortable hideout

Docastaway Straw for the roof, woven bamboo for the facade and stone for the floor… and you will get a charming straw-style house that pays homage to Mother Nature's resources. Source: Docastaway

A little corner of paradise

Ibuku On this outdoor terrace there is a space particularly suitable for relaxation thanks to the hammock, the carpet and the coffee table that composes it. The idea to resume: the assembly of bamboo and wrought iron which form a rustic balustrade. Source: Buzzly

Bamboo coating

Atelier Sacha Cotture The particularity of this contemporary house, its exterior covering which uses bamboo poles. We crack! Source: Aum magic

An atypical entry

Ibuku In this original building, the main entrance is through a long tunnel made of bamboo. This leads to the 4th level, where there is a semi-covered living room dressed in the same materials. Source: Buzzly

Protean bamboo

Imgarcade Popular with architects and decorators around the world, bamboo lends itself to all our desires. The proof here with these rather original seats whose structure is made using large bamboo rods. Source: Home DSGN

Nice association

Imgarcade When bamboo and stone combine, it gives a warm and mineral entry of a certain refinement. Source: Imgarcade

A cozy space

Guadua Bamboo An idea taken up in this comfortable lair which acts as both a workspace and a place to relax thanks to the installation of a hammock. Source: Guadua Bamboo

Attention to detail

Ibuku If this space seems to be mistaken for a gigantic hut, it nevertheless has all the equipment and comfort necessary for the life of its inhabitants. Like what, bamboo definitely has more than one trick up its sleeve! Source: Inhabitat