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New York brick red decor

New York brick red decor

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Fans of the New York or factory style, it is time to adopt the "brick wall" look in the house. Aged red, bright, graying, authentic: the advantage of this classic landmark is that it can be revisited at home in a thousand and one different facets…


Leroy Merlin ### Authentic look for this brick wall with a slightly aged appearance and in the color red to gray.


Paragraph ### Takeoff for the USA, direction, a typical New York loft! Brick wall, leather sofa, street art framing the door, everything is there!

Optical illusion

Koziel ### Fancy a brick wall that does not involve work? Easy with trompe-l'oeil wallpaper! Love at first sight for its aged effect, skillfully orchestrating a decor like "offbeat workshop".


Goal ### Brick interferes in the office. Refurbished, it contrasts beautifully with the light wooden furniture while the "factory" lamp gives it a subtle wink…


Saint Maclou ### After New York, the turn of the English capital to inspire an "artist" or "loft" style in the living room thanks to the presence of a brick wall and further, that of a wallpaper London way!


Paragraph ### To stand out, the living room fireplace has found nothing better than an all-brick cladding. On a white background, the bet is brilliantly raised.


Goal ### Bingo! Between industrial gray furniture and a dark brick wall tending to brown, this kitchen takes up the challenge of a loft atmosphere, between chic and authenticity.

Bright red

Paragraph ### Brand new or refurbished, this bright red brick wall has what it takes to vitalize the loft style of the living room, subtly embellished with retro signs.


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