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Julie's 10 pop and fun inspirations

Julie's 10 pop and fun inspirations

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POP, POP, POP! You have a date with the art of trendy, cool, in short with the pop style! We could reduce the pop style to 3 characteristics: round shapes, bright colors and fancy patterns; yet the pop style is much more than that. Original, optimistic, unusual, colorful, energetic, creative, fifties, psychedelic, bright, tangy… the pop style kicks me, and you?

A brand: Woouf!

Woouf! Born in Barcelona at the end of 2008, Woouf! is THE design brand that makes my heart beat. Between humor, fun, bright colors and ultra original shapes, Woouf products! combine creativity, functionality and quality. Avant-garde, the brand's products seek to stand out in style: poufs that revisit everyday objects, computer and fun iPad covers and trendy cushions. Met on the Maison & Objet fair, in addition to being very nice, the creators of Woouf! teeming with ever more fun and original ideas. As a bonus? Everything is designed and made in Barcelona. A brand to follow!

A site: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters We know "UO" for its trendy clothes and trendy, but we know less about the home accessories side of the site, wrongly. A real gold mine - virtual, since there is no boutique in France yet - "UO" offers fun and quirky objects, both unusual and original: pretty duvet covers with patterns and clocks in in the shape of a fox or rabbit, passing by the cushion with the effigy of the famous Grumpy Cat, you will most certainly find your pop happiness on this site.

A destination: Berlin

Julie Guillermet Ville in all contrasts, "Berlin is poor but sexy!", As its mayor Klaus Wowereit affirms. Also a magnetic city, Berlin gives pride of place to art, and more particularly to street art. Today, we no longer come there only to visit the emblematic places of History - Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and other Alexenderplatz - but we also hurry to discover the most fashionable and most connected from the mainland. I am taking you ?

An object: The Tam Tam stool

Branex Design Timeless, icon, must have… There is no shortage of adjectives to describe the famous stool with generous shapes, imagined by Henry Massonet in the late 60s. Very comfortable as an extra stool, for my part , I use Tam Tam as a bedside table. Do not hesitate to have fun with the many colors in which Tam Tam is available, this is fun!

An atmosphere: Mix of colors and patterns

The Cherry on the Cake Who says pop style, says originality. So we do not hesitate to play the card of humor by betting on atmospheres that are both funny and offbeat. Here it’s granny playing the street artist and tugging the wall with a magnificent “cake face”! We love.

Color: Bright orange

Ixina THE quintessential pop color remains orange, but not just any shade of orange. In the pop universe, we mostly think of a bright and invigorating orange. On the walls, between paintings and wallpapers, as declined in decorative elements, the orange color is everywhere and sublimates all living spaces with panache. You like ?

An artist: Takashi Murakami

Takashi Murakami 47-year-old Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami signs colorful works that make HAPPY - it is not his friend, singer Pharrell Williams, who will say the opposite! With outrageous, colorful works and a kawaii universe with patterns full of fantasy, Takashi Murakami fits right into the pop trend. And some even say of him that he is the worthy successor of Andy Warhol.

A must-have: The pop portrait

Mandellia A tribute to the pop art of Andy Warhol, today we can have our portrait taken in the purest pop style. Simply go to one of the online photo printing sites, and in a few clicks, you will receive your portrait in color and large format.

An exterior: Outdoor decor imagined by Fermob

Fermob Between anise green and orange, the outdoor also is adorned with bright colors. Add some Scrabble party letters and create a decor that is both fun and offbeat. In short, with the pop style, decor is a game. And now it's your turn to have fun!