Your decorative ideas for the kitchen

Your decorative ideas for the kitchen

The kitchen has become the real heart of the house. Often open to the living room, it is a place of conviviality that is particularly taken care of in terms of decoration. And to help you give it style, we have found decorating tips to steal in the kitchens of your neighbors.

A multifunction counter

To structure your kitchen and make it very practical, you can opt for a counter that starts from the wall and delimits the space with the living room. The counter, a sort of island, accommodates the sink as well as a dining area.

An island as a space for conviviality

To make the kitchen a room dedicated to sharing, we put on a very large island that will architect the kitchen in a friendly way. Everyone will be able to settle around the island for their different activities.

A decorative splashback

To enhance the kitchen, the owners have opted for a chrome XXL splashback that responds to the extractor hood but also to household appliances for a very decorative style.

Tiles to enhance the kitchen

In this beautiful kitchen, it is on the floor that you have to look to see the very decorative trick that highlights the furniture! The dark tiling emphasizes the furniture and offers a very slight separation from the rest of the room.

A cellar on the wall

Rather than opting for unsightly bottle storage, we put on a very design bottle holder to install on the wall. Your different bottles will then create the decor!

Household appliances on the worktop

In this kitchen, there is no question of hiding the appliances in the cupboards. On the contrary, it is the latter that decorates the kitchen by appearing on the worktop with its beautiful chrome finishes.

A U-shaped kitchen

For a practical and very cozy kitchen, opt for a U-shaped kitchen layout. Your space will then be perfectly mastered and you will avoid many trips in the kitchen.

A metro effect credenza

To give style to this fairly simple white kitchen, we put everything on the splashback with a metro tile effect in a trendy color like gray. She then brings a very contemporary style.

Decorative shelves

How to enhance the colorful walls of the kitchen? Simply by placing shelves on which you will place jars of pasta and beautiful utensils. Storage is then practical and aesthetic! More cooking ideas here!