Treasures of curtains

Treasures of curtains

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December, a month of gold and silver, of rhinestones and glitter! The decor is precious up to the windows: the slightest curtain or curtain is very distinguished. Discover our selection of precious curtains.


Elitis ### Satin material, silver color, refined fall: when the curtain becomes chic and elegant, we are delighted.


Elitis ### Half gold, half copper, this graceful curtain wows us completely. To accentuate a decor with magical and festive accents, it is perfect…

Silver wire

Elitis ### On an extra fine sheer curtain, pretty silver threads weave delicate and precious waves for a completely refined look.

Golden hint

The Labo Design ### XXL hoops in pastel colors closely follow gold curtains made up of a succession of small hoops. Graphic and elegant!


The Labo Design ### Suite of gold diamonds falling nicely from the ceiling, paving the way for marvelous and bling bling…

Absolute black

The Labo Design ### Pierced, half empty or half full, pretty circles follow one another on this black curtain skilfully handling a refined design and an incomparable class. Very stylish !

Discreet sequins

Portobello Boutique ### Delicately spangled, these silver curtains will go perfectly with party decor!