10 ideas to enhance the edges of the pool

10 ideas to enhance the edges of the pool

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If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool, you will have to offer it a beautiful setting and arrange the edges of the swimming pool so as to enhance it. To help you, we have found 10 decorating tips for around your pool. Take a look before you take the plunge!

Colorful beanbags

So that there is not only the sublime blue of the swimming pool which emerges on your terrace, install pouffes in bright colors on the edge of your swimming pool. The effect will be very vitamin.

Greenery by the pool

To enhance the edges of the pool and make it a beautiful natural setting, why not use the lawn. You can install natural lawn or bet on synthetic. Do not hesitate to add some bushes to give relief.

A row of deckchairs

And if you were inspired by hotel pools where the deckchairs line up to welcome lovers of idleness? We put on models of different colors to give relief to the edges of the pool and bring cheerfulness.

Original furniture

So that the edges of the pool make the show, we can also bet on original garden furniture like this round sofa that welcomes guests like in a cocoon.

A hammock by the pool

For lovers of idleness who want to give an exotic style to the edge of their pool, you can install a colorful hammock. Choose beautiful stripes in warm colors that will contrast with the blue of the pool.

Some plants by the pool

Dressing the edges of your pool with plants is a breeze. Use pots of beautiful sizes that you will choose identical to create a hedge of greenery. Do not bring the pots too close to prevent the leaves from falling into the water.

A terrace on the water

If you want to give a spectacular side to the edges of your swimming pool, why not install a raised terrace which overflows on the swimming pool in order to offer you lunch on the water.

A fountain system

To liven up the edges of your pool, you can also offer a fountain system that will take the water from your pool in order to project it into the air. Why not small frogs for a castle-like decor?

A fountain in the pool

Finally, to enhance the edges of your pool, plan a shallow pool that rises in the pool to overflow onto the terrace part. You can then install a fountain in the water! And find a large choice of pools on our price comparison: above ground pool, tubular or freestanding pool.