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A luminous tree for the garden!

A luminous tree for the garden!

Who wants a luminous tree to magnify their garden? Me ! Selection of models, which, although artificial, are on track to sparkle the word Christmas outside.


### A bright garden, okay. But with colors, it's even better! This is the case of this translucent fir tree entirely illuminated by the red, green, blue and orange stars enclosed in its structure. One thing is certain, we will never tire of contemplating it!


### It's hard to imagine that this green and luminous tree is actually ... inflatable! A touch of originality also very practical for storing it until next year once the month of December is over, and this, occupying a minimum of space.


### In a nod to the more real-life fir trees, this one is tinged with a pretty green light. As a bonus, we like his way of highlighting only his slim figure.

With spirals

### From the top of its conical shape erected on a light garland itself deployed in a spiral, this garden tree enchants us.

Extra flat

### Exit 3D for this extra flat tree which looks like an isosceles triangle based on rows of metal branches. Chic and precious, everything to please us!


### If the tree is the very icon of the word Christmas, the stars also have a particular resonance between its 4 letters. By combining the two, we get a creation like this, a luminous garden tree inside which stars seem to float. If with that we don't have sparkling eyes!


### Although miniature, this Christmas tree meets our desire for wonder in the garden. It must be recognized that its effects, both translucent and bluish, are worthy of a magical decor ...