Visit of the Michelberger Hôtel

Visit of the Michelberger Hôtel

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In the lively Friedrichshain district of Berlin, The Michelberger hotel is a relaxed and atypical place where life is good. Created in 2009 by Tom Michelberger in a former construction factory and revisited by the architect Werner Aisslinger, the establishment now displays a rock and bohemian look, a clever mix of antique furniture and travel souvenirs. Visiting places…

Spartan but design

Michelberger Hotel Light wood and raw materials are the stars of this bedroom where comfort rhymes with simplicity. Furniture with clean lines, animal skin, a railing designed using rope ... it does not take more to be seduced!

Great space optimization

Michelberger Hotel To allow passing guests to move freely in the "Loft" room, the double bed, accessible from a wooden staircase, takes the form of a suspended mezzanine under which the bathroom has been installed.

Black & white

Michelberger Hotel Another room, another atmosphere. In the room called Cozy, the decorator chose to play on contrasts by dressing the space in black and white. The result is a modern and elegant bedroom.

A recovered coating

Michelberger Hotel In the library room, no wallpaper: the walls are covered with a multitude of books.

Mountain spirit

Michelberger Hotel Difficult not to feel like in a cocoon! The wooden walls painted in black and white perfectly highlight the antique furniture. The result: a cozy bedroom, ideal for recharging your batteries.

Small cocoon

Michelberger Hotel Thanks to an ingenious module, the sleeping area of ​​the Heidis Almhütte room opens and closes as required.

Luxury option

Michelberger Hotel Very fashionable for a few months, gold is invited in the Luxus room for an elegant and couture rendering, a bit ostentatious.

Total look

Michelberger Hotel An aesthetic bias that is also found in the bathroom for a glamorous atmosphere placed under the sign of chic.

A warm and welcoming restaurant

Michelberger Hotel Metro tiling on the wall, antique furniture, motley decorative accessories… this is the restaurant of the Michelberger Hotel. A bohemian space, perfect for feeling at home.