Yes to Placard & Nous stickers to revamp the kitchen!

Yes to Placard & Nous stickers to revamp the kitchen!

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Impossible is not French. Not even when you want to change your kitchen without buying new furniture! The repositionable stickers signed Placard & Nous know something about it. With their photographs of wine cases, decorative plates, Christmas balls or treats, they revamp the fridge as well as the dishwasher or cupboards. A sacred festive and offbeat dose thanks to which the most gourmet of the rooms of the house is no longer the same! Here are our favorite models, handpicked.

Champagne stock

Placard & Nous ### Arranged horizontally and vertically, bottles of champagne in series also bring the festive atmosphere of the end of the year into the kitchen. Be careful, it promises!

Gourmet desserts

Placard & Nous ### A little hunger and we hasten to open the fridge. Suddenly, dressed in a sticker exposing fifteen cream / whipped cream desserts, it attracts twice our attention! Or when gluttony dictates the decor.

Paris I love you

Placard & Nous ### Large appliances and low kitchen cupboards have opted for a pop makeover here. Eiffel Towers wisely aligned or succeeding one another with frenzy, it is always with a red white blue dress code that they enliven the kitchen.

Pop tableware

Placard & Nous ### The dishwasher goes through the scanner with a pretty trompe-l'oeil sticker representing its interior filled with highly colored dishes. Funny and dapper!

Black & white tableware

Placard & Nous ### Here, we swapped the tangy dishes for black and white models, more chic and more refined.

Beautiful and good sweets

Placard & Nous ### The cute sin of cooking? The sweets ! But even if you are greedy, you might as well take it proudly. Bet won with this section of cupboard entirely dressed in sweets slipped in transparent candy boxes…

Precious staging

Placard & Nous ### The fridge strikes a pose for Christmas Eve around the theme of bling. Champagne, gold bars and golden heel shoe as a bonus! Ephemeral but terribly precious ... We love it!

Pizza party

Placard & Nous ### The male gent with an average age of 18 - 35 is certainly the most likely to want a sticker like this one, between beers and pizza boxes, to dress the fridge. It's party!

Stacks of soaps

Placard & Nous ### In the windows of craft shops, the block soaps stacked on top of each other make our eyes sweet. What inspire the customization of a kitchen cupboard with originality!