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Christmas decoration under the sign of gluttony!

Christmas decoration under the sign of gluttony!

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A 100% sweet Christmas, what do you think? Welcome to the land of gluttony festive version! You only have to admire these delicious pastries to succumb once and for all…

Staged under a bell

Paragraph ### This pretty decorative composition inspires us with an idea: putting pastries, real or artificial, in a bell to give infinite sweet value to our holiday decoration, enough to awaken our taste buds!

Mad Cupcakes

Paragraph ### At Christmas, we let ourselves be tempted by the most coveted American sweets of the moment: cupcakes! Off-white frosting topped with small glitter decorations, this is in total agreement with our precious and frosted decor. Result: on our side, we hope to do the same!

Collection of sweet plates

Geneviève Lethu ### Favorite for this divine range of chic and gourmet plates. Adorned with patterns of sweets of all kinds aligned on a very feminine pastel dress code, they only give us one desire: to go directly to the "dessert" box! And to top it all, we throw on the table, a multitude of pearls, and on the plates, succulent chamallows.

Gourmet servant

Geneviève Lethu ### In the same range, we melt for the servant to adorn real sweets ... or fake colorful macaroons!

Fake pastries

Paragraph ### In this pastry workshop, real and false elements mix: cake molds in the shape of Christmas trees, snowmen or gingerbread, and decorations in the form of creamy pastries, present nothing only to embellish the table!

Decorative barley sugar

Zodio ### Customize Christmas candles with barley sugar, a funny idea? Not at all ! The talent for giving a crazy charm to classic accessories begins precisely with this kind of quirky twist!

Purely decorative cake stand

Truffaut ### Diverted from its primary function, this cake stand has become the spokesperson for our end-of-year decor. How? 'Or' What ? By proudly exhibiting a large mix of Christmas balls, miniature characters and suspensions in the shape of sweets put under a bell. Chic and unusual!

Appetizing fir

Paragraph ### Come on, we succumb to the dictates of the gourmet style even to decorate the Christmas tree. With macaroon or cupcake shaped suspensions like these, it's easy to make a big impression in the living room!

Piece assembled for Christmas… in textile

### Creative hobbies are also attacking our gourmet decoration at the end of the year. This is the case with this creation transforming 3 nestable round boxes dressed in girly fabric into a Christmas set-up!