A timeless hotel in Paris

A timeless hotel in Paris

Nestled in the heart of the IX arrondissement of Paris, the Hôtel du Temps offers its customers a unique design experience. A beautiful mix of prints and antique furniture decorates the reception as the bedrooms. Visit of a timeless hotel.


Hôtel du Temps From the reception, we find ourselves transported to England in the 1920s. The English green predominates the decoration and the furniture straight out of the Art Deco movement gives a lot of chachet to the room.

The restaurant, a real English pub

Hôtel du Temps With its shades of green tiling and padded leather benches, the restaurant resembles an English pub.

Cocooning details

Hôtel du Temps The cushions, like the restaurant's small round tables, are adorned with floral prints for a cocooning effect. The only thing missing is the chimney fire.

Every detail counts

Hôtel du Temps In the restaurant, the light wooden chairs match the rest of the room perfectly. Chic and very English detail, the seat in green leather, the same as on the padded benches.

The bar

Hôtel du Temps Built in the same cozy atmosphere, the Art Deco bar is entirely covered with green and white earthenware tiles. The accumulation of bottles gives a little prohibition side which brings chic and refinement to the whole.

An evening to the sound of the piano

Hôtel du Temps The Hôtel du Temps bar and its vaulted ceiling invite customers to come and sip a cocktail while listening to music, comfortably seated in soft sofas.

Print in the rooms

Hôtel du Temps The decoration, all in all classic, of the rooms is enhanced by beautiful printed fabrics. Here, you can mix tropical curtains, polka dot box springs and floral boutis without hesitation.

The exposed beams

Hôtel du Temps The rooms under the roofs of the Hôtel du Temps have kept their old beams. Slightly patinated, they envelop the room.

It's all in the details

Hôtel du Temps The paint on the walls in each room is off-white and sober. The decoration is due to the many details. Embellished mirrors, curtains with exotic prints and consoles in light wood, everything goes. A completely eclectic and very successful mix. * Source: * Hôtel du Temps