The Alpaga hotel in Megève, tradition revisited up to date

The Alpaga hotel in Megève, tradition revisited up to date

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Located at 1100 meters above sea level, in the heart of a valley with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc, the Alpaga hotel combines pure mountain architectural tradition with contemporary decoration. Blending in perfectly with the grandiose landscapes that surround it, the establishment mixes a chic decor with interiors conducive to calm and comfort.

Alpaca spa

Hotel Alpaga ** Spa La Colline ** Opened recently, the spa was designed as an escape bubble where time seems to stand still. Swimming pool, fitness studio, massage cabins, hammam, the establishment bet on a Zen decoration which gives pride of place to natural materials.

Alpaca prestige room

Hotel Alpaga ** Prestige room of the Alpaga hotel ** The rooms have large bay windows that offer breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc peaks or the mountain pastures. Here, the decoration is without any false note: alliance of wood and warm textures for an interior with a contemporary signature.

Alpaca classic bedroom

Hotel Alpaga ** Classic room of the Alpaga hotel ** Textures and materials combine to provide all the comfort and warmth of a traditional chalet: sand wood, stone, woolen or flannel cloth, cashmere or woven wool .

Alpaca bathroom

Hotel Alpaga ** Bathroom of the Alpaga hotel ** All dressed in black, the bathroom is adorned with a chic decor conducive to relaxation. Everything is thought of down to the smallest detail to offer you a relaxing break.

Alpaca living room chalet

Hotel Alpaga ** Chalet lounge of the Alpaga hotel ** Synonymous with elegance and good manners, the decoration of the chalet lounge is a perfect alliance between tradition, luxury and beauty of materials.

Alpaca chalet room

** Chalet room of the Alpaga hotel ** It is also possible to rent chalets. Classic decoration in the pure tradition of mountain chalets: exposed framework, fireplace and breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. Everything is there to make you forget your little everyday worries.

Alpaca chalet room

Hotel Alpaga ** Chalet room of the Alpaga hotel ** Red dresses the room in its warm shade. Striped curtains, velvet armchair, ornamental fabric coordinate with plush mountain-style furniture.