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Scandinavian-inspired kitchens at Schmidt

Scandinavian-inspired kitchens at Schmidt

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Schmidt Lindal kitchen

Schmidt Lindal offers a pure and Nordic atmosphere with an alliance of white and caramel-tinted oak. The horizontality of the veins brings a very graphic and design side to this harmonious and symmetrical cuisine. From 6872 euros.

Schmidt Sprint kitchen

Schmidt Sprint opens onto the dining room to offer a friendly space where you can cook without being cut off from other residents of the house or even guests. The essence of wood brings a very graphic aspect thanks to the horizontal veins. Combined with dark colors, the wood is perfectly highlighted.

Schmidt Arcos Kitchen

Schmidt Arcos wild oak opens to the outside to give another dimension to the house. The lines are deliberately sober to highlight the beauty of wild oak. This configuration offers great freedom of movement and saves space by using the kitchen furniture as a library on the other side. From 5721 euros.

Schmidt Artwood kitchen

Schmidt Artwood gives the kitchen a real mountain chalet atmosphere with its strong personality. Wild oak radiates there with natural caramel hues. All remaining very functional around an imposing central island. From 6686 euros.

Schmidt Aragon Kitchen

Schmidt Aragon is a more urban cuisine while recalling nature thanks to the wild oak which offers great modernity. The three plans frame the island which then becomes a reunion space in the center of the house. A true neo-rustic style. From 6686 euros.