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Exposed storage for top decor kitchen!

Exposed storage for top decor kitchen!

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In the kitchen, the time when you hid all the accessories in cupboards and when nothing was beyond! Today, we no longer hesitate to bring the kitchen to life with open storage spaces that reveal our favorite kitchen accessories. Discover our decorative instructions for kitchen storage.

A wall of shelves

Purpose Similarly, to replace wall cupboards, you can opt for shelves that will accommodate storage boxes, dishes or even some household appliances in a clean and original style.

Grocery store shelves

Ikea For the storage of all your accessories, do not hesitate to opt for open shelves like lockers that will accommodate food items, dishes and kitchen accessories to create a grocery look.

Transparent storage

Hygena If you want everything to be stored in compartments but your accessories are visible in the kitchen, you can bet on transparent cupboards which will place your dishes as a decorative accessory.

Transparent shelves and cupboards

Lapeyre To energize a wall with your dishes and accessories, do not hesitate to multiply the storage spaces that highlight them. We can for example opt for open shelves topped with glass cupboards that leave visible the pots and dishes.

Storage lockers in the kitchen

Mobalpa To offer a very decorative look to the kitchen, you can insert storage racks which will be used as well to store the dishes as to place decorative accessories that will give style to the kitchen.

Shelves for accessories

Mobalpa To make some kitchen accessories visible without visually overloading the space, you can opt for a few shelves that will hold pots of kitchen utensils. The whole will then be very graphic.

A wall of shelves

Mobalpa To create a graphic effect in the kitchen, you can choose to install a whole wall of square shelves. You can put your utensils there as well as very decorative accessories.

Tableware on display

Alinéa If you have a beautiful tableware service, consider enhancing it by installing it on a shelf that runs alongside your kitchen just above the splashback. Your dishes are then useful and very decorative.

An island for storage

Paragraph Finally, give a new dimension to your island by opting for a model with open shelves on the kitchen. You will place your salad bowls and other dishes in evidence to give a decorative spirit to the kitchen.

Sliding doors

Castorama The idea is ingenious. Castorama thinks of brightening up your kitchen with these colorful sliding doors. This new kitchen dressing room is clever because there are lots of things in it. The lacquered side gives elegance and the checkered color effect is pretty.

Transparent cupboards

Aviva At Aviva, we hide nothing. In this kitchen, we discover two large glass cupboards which ventilate the room. The transparent side goes very well with the gray effect of the kitchen. It is important to have beautiful dishes there.

Tote shelves

Aviva Another tip that appeals to us: install not very wide but thick shelves to arrange all kinds of trinkets, useful or not, which give style to the kitchen. The best thing is to put lights above the shelf to create an atmosphere.

Wall lockers

Schmidt Large kitchen furniture is no longer trendy. Today, we opt rather for lockers that are fixed to the wall. This saves space and above all does not overload the kitchen. Here, every second locker is open, allowing you to guess a few recipe books or to provide the most used utensils.

A mini-bar available

Schmidt During an evening, we improvise as a bartender with this locker installed on the work surface and dedicated to the storage of glasses. We have everything nearby to make a nice cocktail for its guests. You can also choose to leave it open or close it.

Storage for bottles

Leroy Merlin Not everyone has a cellar at home. With these wine racks, you delicately store your best bottles and take them out for special occasions. These lockers are directly integrated into the work plan and do not require additional space.

A kitchen library

Darty It is not to put his collection of Harry Potter but to store plates, glasses and others that this large library has been installed in the kitchen. We love the idea of ​​having everything at hand!

A small vegetable garden in the kitchen

Schmidt To grow your herbs, you no longer need hectares of garden. This rack allows you to store your small pots of herbs. Ideal in a kitchen with an industrial look!

Hanging objects

Brico Dépôt For the decorative side, you can also buy a bar and hooks to arrange your small utensils. Spice rack, cutlery rack, it's super pretty and super practical. This gives charm to your kitchen and also encourages cooking.

A very practical credenza

Cuisinella Thanks to this credenza bar, it is easy to store your utensils. It is enough that they are magnetized and voila. It is possible to install several bars if you have a lot of stainless steel or steel utensils.


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