MT Masking Tape: new spring-summer 2016

MT Masking Tape: new spring-summer 2016

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Solid color ribbons essential for all creations, traditional, contemporary and trendy patterns, a range of XXL ribbons for Home Deco, new ribbon for windows and a special children's collection for birthdays ... here are the latest inventions of MT masking tape! Discoveries in pictures!

Little peas, little peas…

MT Masking Tape Plain or patterned, the stickers from the MT CASA Seal range designed in rice paper are the essential elements of a trendy polka dot decoration. Applied directly to a wall or transformed into a colorful and creative frieze, they have something to seduce!

A new kind of ribbon!

MT Masking Tape At the editorial office, we literally fell in love with this masking tape in washi paper mixed with textile fibers. His ambition? Filter more than 99% of UV rays. The result: softened light and unique lighting effects.

When diamonds play the stars

MT Masking Tape And, to decorate our glass surfaces in an original way, we cut this new ribbon in the shape of a diamond! Easy to apply, remove and reposition, it has it all!

Heart motif

MT Masking Tape At MT Masking Tape, the little darling of this spring 2016 will undoubtedly be the heart motif! Girly and romantic at will, we will not hesitate to use it and combine it with other patterns and colors. The great idea: combine models with pink hearts and a vision of the heart to customize a lampshade.

Striped decorative adhesive tapes

MT Masking Tape Customizing your packages, gift wrapping and other bouquets of flowers in an original way becomes child's play by choosing these little ribbons! Neon orange, cherry pink, sand, peacock blue or almond color… it's up to you to make your selection!

Graphic rollers

MT Masking Tape How not to fall for these ribbons with fresh colors and delicate patterns in safari, watercolor, cherries or phenocryst. Perfect for bringing a touch of freshness and good humor to your creative summer projects!

XXL masking tape with material effects

MT Masking Tape In 2016, the MT CASA wide width masking tape range is full of innovations to reinvent the decoration of our interiors at lower costs! Imitation cement tiles, vintage patterns, vegetable print or toile de Jouy style, these original and original models are not to displease us.

Customize your interior with mt Casa

MT Masking Tape The decorative ally of our houses? The mt Casa range specially designed for interior decoration. Solid or patterned colors, the 150 models available allow us to reinvent the decoration of our homes in an original and creative way.

Special birthday

MT Masking Tape Finally, organize an unforgettable birthday party for your pretty blond head thanks to the MT for kids birthday collection. Playful and colorful, it will delight young and old.