When toilet paper and decor go well together!

When toilet paper and decor go well together!

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In the toilets, we sometimes forget the decorative aspect. However, the designers do not fail to create original objects to enhance this small room. With toilet paper dispensers, for example, they compete in creativity as evidenced by our selection!

An original dispenser

C What To tell a story in your toilet, You can bet on this metal angel who will distribute the sheets of paper. And to store the other rolls, we place a cloud-shaped shelf just above and the rollers will complete the decor.

A vertical dispenser

Lif To put the toilet paper in an original way, we thread the rollers like pearls on this display to hang from the ceiling. The paper then serves as a decorative object in its own right and seems to float like magic in the room.

A designer dispenser

Authentics At Authentics, the reel accommodates two rollers which then seem to form the eyes of a pair of binoculars that would be fixed on the wall. The result is design and rather original!

A pop reel

Koziol For a pop of pop color in your toilet, we put on the dispenser with the design in orange plexi signed Koziol. Practical, it sucks on the wall to accommodate your roll. In terms of decoration, its discreet design is offset by the bold color!

The pack

Lemon squeezer Do you know the PQtier? It is not a new kind of tree but a reel that will allow you to store rolls in the "branches" to create an original decor in your toilet.

A shelf as a dispenser

Allia If you want to bring an elegant touch that changes traditional toilet paper dispensers, you can also opt for a wooden shelf that creates a sort of locker that can accommodate your rolls of paper discreetly.

A sleek dispenser

VIPP Finally, if you want ultra design toilets, you will get to the basics with this VIPP model which is none other than a simple chrome bar that will accommodate the roller near the toilets.