Mira Moon Hotel: the marriage of Asian and Western design

Mira Moon Hotel: the marriage of Asian and Western design

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In Hong Kong, the Mira Moon hotel offers the unique experience of a night of immersion between Western design and Asian aesthetics. A daring gamble imagined by designer Marcel Wanders with the Yoo studio founded by John Hithcox and Philippe Starck. A concentrate of ideal design to discover the excitement of the city of Hong Kong while immersing yourself in the Chinese cultural heritage. Visit !

An Asian color code

Mira Moon In Asia, red is the lucky color. She is thus a distinguished guest in the design decoration of the hotel and brings character and passion to the whole room through a play of contrast with white areas skillfully chosen by Marcel Wanders.

A monumental headboard

Mira Moon In each bedroom, the bed becomes a central element of the decor thanks to a bold headboard wall which uses curves to recall Asian architecture in a refined and immaculate version. An original way to stage the walls to create a surreal decor. The walls also contain the storage. Mini-bar and other dressing room are all hidden behind the carved wooden walls.

Bold design pieces

Mira Moon The Marcel Wanders touch? Quirky furniture and decorative accessories that combine old forms and ultra-designer materials, disproportionate proportions and a revisited spirit. The sofa thus becomes a central element of the suite and the lights defy classic proportions. Iconic designer objects are thus to be found throughout the hotel, tulip armchairs to the rabbit lamp.

Between tradition and modernity

Mira Moon The interplay of materials succeed one another in the bedrooms and the designer white walls contrast with the more traditional wooden parts like the ornate ceiling which brings a real feeling of warmth to the room. A marriage between tradition and modernity like the city of Hong Kong. The designer highlights the Chinese heritage and thus offers a discovery of traditional patterns.

Flowers as patterns

Mira Moon For the decoration of the rooms, the designer has carefully chosen the peony, which represents femininity in Chinese aesthetics, as an ornamental motif that can be found both on the walls and on the carpets. Stylized, it wants to be contemporary while keeping this Asian note which gives it all its charm and its mystery.

A bathroom a work of art

Mira Moon The bathroom reveals a big surprise: a freestanding bathtub surrounded by a contemporary wall fresco that incorporates the aesthetic codes of Asian art. A true mix of trends that offers a unique sensory journey in this room dedicated to relaxation.

An exceptional view

Mira Moon Close to the district of Causeway Bay, the hotel will offer you a view on the bay of Hong Kong as well as on the modernity of this part of the city thanks to large windows, typical of contemporary Asian architecture. You will discover a bustling district ideal for discovering the extravagance of Hong Kong shopping.

A Tapas restaurant

Mira Moon When the West meets the East, it gives a tapas restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong, imagined by the talented Marcel Wanders. A timeless space where the decoration becomes dreamlike for a lunar journey.

A bar like a secret garden

Mira Moon The designer also imagined an urban garden with a terrace with walls covered with vegetation. An ideal space for a moment of relaxation after a shopping session. Unless you prefer to taste the best French champagnes at the dedicated bar. More info on 388 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Telephone: +852 2643 8888 Reservations: +852 2315 5128 / [email protected]


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