The bedroom with a spring air

The bedroom with a spring air

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It's time to think about its spring decoration to make the most of the beautiful days! For the bedroom, we invite you to discover 10 ideas to draw for a successful spring transformation. Discover our inspirations in pictures.

Blue for escape

Ikea If pastel colors are too feminine for you, go for blue! In a turquoise hue, it will not fail to evoke the holidays while offering you a room that will soothe your nights.

Seaside spirit

Essix home And to evoke the holidays, nothing better than the seaside style! Then add some marine accessories to your decoration by diverting objects like fishing nets or shells.

The travel room

Alinéa Always so that your decor evokes the holidays, you can give an exotic style to your room. Use warm wood and colors like blue and green for this.

Dynamic patterns

Becquet Spring is also a renewal that gives us a certain dynamic. Why not transcribe this feeling into the decor of your room by offering you bed linen with graphic and colorful patterns. The bed will then become the centerpiece of the bedroom!

Nature patterns

Spoiler To evoke the awakening of nature in your interior, you can also bet on bed linen which is adorned with plant motifs. Leaves in variations of green then settle on the duvet cover to transform the room into a garden.

Flowery patterns

Spoiler Flowers are also in the spotlight this spring! You will then find many bed sets that transform into fields of flowers. You can opt for stylized flowers for a contemporary spirit or for liberty for a romantic style.

The garden version room

Essix home Why not decorate the room as if it were a garden? The very decorative secret: use synthetic grass to bring nature into your interior. You can place it on the floor or at the head of the bed.

A bright bedroom

Ikea To take advantage of the beautiful light of spring, change your household linen! For example, opt for very light curtains that will allow the sun to bathe the room. White sheers will add a wispy note.

A bucolic atmosphere

Essix home Think of the awakening of nature to create your decor! In this season, small birds and butterflies invade nature and can also settle in your room as a very decorative motif on cushions, paintings or small decorative objects.