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A modern apartment with vintage touches

A modern apartment with vintage touches

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Architect, Camille Hermand supports his clients in each project so that it is unlike any other. Successful bet in this family apartment which mixes inspirations and influences for a modern result, affirmed by vintage touches. A joyful atmosphere, a touch of pop, to be discovered in images to inspire and dare the furniture found in the decor.

Vintage living room

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau The living room occupies part of the living room to create a warm space that invites a moment with family or friends. The immaculate Haussmannian decor is energized by different touches of color brought by the furniture and accessories. The ultimate vintage touch? A pop orange that settles on a tulip armchair and a retro lamp, but also a very fifties low sideboard.

Vintage chairs and armchairs

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau Here, the vintage touch goes through the seats! The Eames armchairs and the Hansen egg armchair in the living room, the Jacobsen "Ant" chairs in the dining room ... iconic design pieces that add character to the decor.


Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau To give life to the whole decor, the owners have disseminated touches of color, from the orange Nessino lamp by Artemide to very pop art posters and arty cushions.

Small functional kitchen

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau Following the visit to the kitchen, small but functional! The neutral furniture is energized by a yellow and blue geometric tiling with a retro spirit but also by the colorful shelves and pots and the iconic Tam Tam stools which find their place around the side table.

Retro bathroom

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau In the bathroom, the colors are more soothing for a room conducive to relaxation, but the retro touch remains thanks to an old sink, vintage mirrors and vintage-style sconces.

A pop office

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau In the office, the modernity of the furniture is counterbalanced by the geometric tiling - the same one that we discovered in the kitchen - but also by the wall of postcards, colorful decorative patchwork.

A wiser master bedroom

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau In the parents' bedroom, the decor is wiser with a classic decor that comes from an old floral bedspread. The lights and the large mirror bring the vintage touch.

A comfortable child's bedroom

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau For this child's bedroom, comfort comes first! And that goes through warm and playful textiles: ultra colorful curtains, a soft carpet in muted tones, cushions galore on the bed and beautiful sheepskin for very cocooning moments.

Antique furniture for children's room

Camille Hermand / Julie Ansiau In this second children's room, the vintage touch is found in the old furniture: the bed, the desk and the wardrobe. The pendant lamp adds a pop touch and the bedspread creates a warm retro atmosphere. Find other achievements of Camille Hermand on