The art of cocooning at home in 10 lessons

The art of cocooning at home in 10 lessons

One of the good things about winter is that you can cocoon at home without a bad conscience. It is even a prescription that must be followed to the letter. So to start this sweet cure well, here are 10 lessons to help you hibernate this season.

Cover up with a plaid

Ikea It would take almost any room in the house: on the bed, the sofa, the best chair in the house or on the terrace to enjoy the winter sun rays. In short, the plaid is the centerpiece of the cocooning style.

Warm your floor with a carpet

Ikea Warm the floor of a carpet and even several carpets. The accumulation of hot materials on the ground will have the beneficial effect of insulating the room but above all of creating a small cozy nest where it is good to take refuge.

Take care of your lighting

Ikea Take good care of the lighting so that it replaces the lack of light imposed by this season. Spotlights, pendant lights, auxiliary lamps, fitted with energy-saving bulbs, will light up dark areas.

Candle making

AM PM Heating your interior also requires the soft light provided by candles. To multiply on the table, the edge of the fireplace or the windows, they are to be consumed without moderation.

Insulate with thick curtains

Ikea The window panes give off cold. Also changing your curtains in winter by replacing the curtains with thick fabrics such as velvet or cotton not only insulates, but also dresses your room elegantly.

Create a chimney fire atmosphere

AM PM We are not all lucky enough to have a fireplace and what's more, it works! Note that it is possible to recreate the atmosphere of a crackling fire by placing several candles of different sizes in a corner of the room.

Use a good steaming tea

Loa Tseu Designer Kate Chung has drawn on a few principles dictated by a great master of Chinese thought to create this elegant tea service. Minimalist, the lines thus join the essential, both philosophical and aesthetic!

Meet with friends

AM PM We do not forget to warm our hearts by welcoming our friends. Around a good dinner the atmosphere becomes warmer!

Attach importance to subjects

Ikea The touch of materials helps warm up the decor. Wool, coarse cotton, mohair, velvet are essential!