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10 life-changing accessories for hanging out your laundry

10 life-changing accessories for hanging out your laundry

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Hanging out your laundry can sometimes be an obstacle course. This is particularly true when you are not lucky enough to have a room dedicated to laundry and you lack space. You have to be careful not to do too many laundry machines in one day. We also tend to use all the available furniture (chairs, armchairs, curtain rods, radiators, etc.) and to transform our apartment into a laundry room. To avoid this worry, here is a selection of objects that will change your life.

For your hangers

Leifheit You never know where to hang your clothes that need to dry on a hanger. Leifheit has imagined this accessory which is attached to its Linomatic umbrella drying rack. * Linomatic Leifheit dryer holder, € 12 on * * Amazon *

The removable drying rack

Brabantia This drying rack is for those who never know where to put their clothes drying rack. Practical, the Brabantia Wallfix attaches to the wall and retracts when you no longer need it. * Wallfix drying rack, 79 € on Amazon *

The almost invisible drying rack

Brabantia Ideal for small and large spaces, this clothes rack retracts entirely in a compact baguette. It has five 22 meter long clothesline. * String winder, € 39.95 at Brabantia *

A dryer for a cuddly toy

Buytra Our children's stuffed animals and other soft toys are also entitled to their drying accessories. To hang, it has two mesh baskets on which you can sleep teddy bear straight out of the machine. * Two-layer Hot Sell dryer, € 6.05 on Amazon *

Clamps, never without their basket

Ikea Just like socks, clothespins have an annoying tendency to disappear. To prevent this from happening, opt for a small basket that you will hang on your drying rack. * Basket with 30 Torkis clothespins, € 2.99 at Ikea *

For quick drying

Dry Balloon This is probably the biggest problem with clean laundry. Depending on the season and the humidity, it can take a long time to dry. Dry Balloon offers an easy-to-store solution that dries your laundry faster. * Dry Balloon dryer, € 59.90 on Amazon *

Goodbye, single socks

Ikea This is the solution to keep your socks in pair. Hang them on this little Ikea hanging dryer and never lose sight of them. * Pressa hanging dryer, € 4.99 at Ikea *

For small laundry

Kibodio / Maison Fûtée / Hangerwolrd Tea towels and hand towels do not necessarily require the removal of a bulky clothes rack. For small laundry, opt instead for a hanging accessory with clips. * Kibodio hanging dryer, € 14.90 at Maison Fûtée *

The solution for delicate laundry

Air Sensitive / Castorama Correctly drying a woolen garment is sometimes an obstacle course. Air Sensitive has imagined this simple solution that allows your sweaters to dry flat without risking deforming them. * Air Sensitive delicate clothes dryer, € 11.95 at Castorama *