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Visit the fruit gardens of Laquenexy

Visit the fruit gardens of Laquenexy

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What is there in the air of the Moselle that inspires gardeners? Recognized as a "Flowering Department" since 1999, the Moselle excels in the art of flowering. The municipalities compete there for efforts and creativity for the pleasure of their inhabitants and their visitors. Laquenexy is no exception to the rule. Since 2008, on nearly 4 hectares, the town has offered the curious a sampling of 14 thematic spaces orchestrated in the form of an initiation course on the theme of flavors: herb garden, garden of chewable flowers, vegetable garden of a curious, forbidden garden or even the Robinsons' garden for the exclusive pleasure of the youngest… Gardens that invite you to touch and smell, and from which you start your eyes at the party and your hands tingling with a mad desire to garden.

With flowers, anything goes ...

Laquenexy Fruit Gardens La Moselle is one of the most dynamic French departments in terms of flowering. Here, we don't just grow flowers: we stage them and we don't hesitate to compete in creativity to give them a new look.

The berry garden

Jardins Fruitiers de Laquenexy Here the discovery is even more delicious, and even more concrete. In this garden, designed as a labyrinth, dozens of berries and berries are available to visitors throughout their journey.

The prairie orchard

J.C. Verhaegen Here are apples "happy" to be able to flourish freely in the middle of wild grasses and flowers. Their happiness will certainly be communicated to the lucky ones who will crunch them, when the harvest time comes.

A garden where nature has free rein

J.C. Verhaegen A little further in the meadow orchard, solitary flower beds thrive in the middle of tall grass. Only a few paths are cleared with the mower to allow you to walk.

The garden of chewable flowers

Jardins Fruitiers de Laquenexy Did you know that some flowers have a bitter taste, others a sweet taste, others still have a spicy flavor? Here you can taste them, awaken your palate and dream of new recipes from these flavors.

The herb garden

Laquenexy Fruit Gardens Here, make way for aromatic flavors that will make your mouth water! To the classic herbs will be added new less known ones, such as thyme with an orange scent, a chrysanthemum with a mint scent, a pimprenelle with a fresh nut taste…

The clos of flavors

Jardins Fruitiers de Laquenexy In the closet of flavors, all the plants are beautiful… chewable! There are edible flowers as well as forgotten fruits that sit alongside decorative vegetables.

The pergola of squash

Jardins Fruitiers de Laquenexy This elegant pergola overflowing with roses is also intended to accommodate climbing vegetables such as pumpkin squash or bean beans. Thanks to this support from which they can go on an assault, visitors will just have to look up to discover them.

Maisonette in the Robinsons Garden

Laquenexy Fruit Gardens Here, the children benefit from their own little jungle. In this generous space where tree ferns, banana trees and other giant bamboos grow, they will playfully awaken to the importance of biodiversity.