Extra dressing room on wall hooks

Extra dressing room on wall hooks

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While waiting to be worn, the most beautiful pieces of our wardrobe have every interest in being noticed! Bye-bye the dressing room, they have the freedom to tame the walls to sow a "fashion touch". Look at this fashion / decor trend based on coat hooks.

On a rake peg

Fleux A rake on which we just wedge a row of hangers, this is what we need to highlight our most beautiful dresses!

On a mirror hook

Reine Mère A mirror hook to hang a pretty shopping bag: that is the chic and shocking touch that was missing from our sad white wall!

On donut hooks

The Collection Striped scarf and patterned bag make the wall on these wooden coat hooks in the shape of donuts. Fun and playful!

On a multi-hanger hook

Fleux Hat, scarf, sequin jacket, clutch: all our party panoply makes the wall to be ready to go out at any time!

On a revisited trophy coat hook

AM.PM More refined than a deer's head, this wooden coat hook is limited to the horns of a trophy to hang necklaces, jackets and bags, on both sides!

On screw hooks

Fleux XXL screws for hanging hangers with pretty outfits, that's the fun and offbeat concept of these hooks, take it or leave it.

On a duo of coat hooks

Reine Mère Fichu, scarf and scarf: while waiting to cover us, our fashion fabrics make their interesting by wrapping themselves cheerfully around pretty wall hooks.

On animal hooks

Fleux Here, rabbit, dog and cat are the guarantors of our favorite fashion accessories!